Department Chair Meeting 01272015

College of Alameda
Department Chair Meeting
January 27, 2015
Present: Myron Jordan, Tim Karas, Char Perlas, Drew Burgess, Trish Nelson, Ed Loretto, Jay Rubin,
Sedique Popal, OJ Roundtree, Phyllis Tappe, Michael Robertson, Rochelle Olive, Sarah PetersonGuada, Bill Andrews, Patti Tsai, Stefanie Ulrey, Eileen Clifford, John Taylor, Susanne Altenback, Jane
McKenna, Jennifer Murphy, Jamar Mears, Robert Bishop, Hoi Ko
Monday – faculty Learning Community workshop (w/food); Caroline Johnson will email
CSU East Bay Summit – COA is tabling for first generation students; anyone who wants to
participate send Rochelle materials by Thursday
VPI Report
Schedule of Classes SU15/FA15 – look at productivity for past 3 years
 Departments expand – productivity decreases, so some cuts to build up again
 Looking forward – not meeting our goals, so sections will be looked at more
 Saturdays – looking at a tighter Weekend College: 2 sessions, 8 & 8 weeks,
hybrid classes
2015-2017 College Catalog – 2 year schedule with addendum – pdf’s coming out, so please
check PLO’s and descriptions (narratives
 Point person – Lynn Torres
Transfer Degrees – 9 approved; goal met
 See information re: history
 Department has 18 months to decide & push through if transfer degree; if not,
no local degree
 No local degree allowed if TMC is available
Faculty Prioritization – definitely revisit annually; timeline = beginning of March
Look at last year’s ranking; APU’s online
Tiered ranking?
Deans’ Notes
Smart Classrooms – more or convert all?
Pre-requisite challenge process – changed to meet 5 day limit
Consistency in course notes/online classes – how they’re listed
 Proctored exams
 Updated website/email – make sure instructors respond
 Template – emailed out; more involved