General  Congress  -­  8pm  11/16/15   1. Prayer  


General  Congress  -­  8pm  11/16/15  

1. Prayer  

2. Overview  of  this  weekend’s  world  events.  

3. Icebreaker  -­  If  you  were  an  ice  cream  flavor,  which  would  you  be?  

4. Committee  Updates   a. Rochelle  -­  new  dance  minor,  added  a  kinesiology  course   b. Victoria  -­  Academic  Computing  Committee:  Faculty  technology  innovation  award   nominations  will  be  sent  out  next  week,  please  take  time  to  nominate  a  faculty   member!   c. William  -­  Library  committee:  Certain  departments  have  students  who  are   graduating  with  low  information/resource  literacy.  How  can  we  improve  students’s   general  knowledge?  

5. Task  Forces   a. Shiku  -­  Strengths  test,  please  email  her  with  your  StrengthsQuest  results,   strengths  and  leadership  meeting  this  evening,  next  week  we  will  have  a   strengths  and  development  training  session.  

6. Officer  Reports   a. Rochelle  -­  Freshman  Class  representatives:  Apply!  You  would  lead  your  own   task  force  and  receive  a  stipend.   b. Andrew  -­  Alcohol  policy:  met  with  John  Jobson.  Res  life’s  number  one  priority  is   that  student’s  come  home  safely,  however,  if  you  are  causing  a  disturbance,  RAs   can  use  the  policy  that  your  body  is  a  container,  and  you  can  be  written  up.  If  you   were  not  causing  a  disturbance,  they  can  document  you  and  not  report  you.     i.

There  is  a  difference  between  documenting  and  reporting.  RAs  are   ii.


encouraged  to  document  everything,  but  they  do  not  report  minor   violations.  Documenting  is  writing  down  a  situation,  and  the  

RD/RLC/SARD  receives  notification,  reporting  goes  to   administration/campus  safety/judicial  review.  

There  is  still  some  confusion,  we  will  invite  Dr.  Jobson  to  come  speak  to   our  group.  

Safety  statement  will  be  posted  on  the  facebook  page,  and  has  been   posted  at  the  SUD.  

7. Old  Business   a. Alison  -­  Its  On  Us  week  of  action,  we  had  a  great  week,  please  be  sure  to   continue  to  show  your  support!  

8. New  Business   a. None  

9. Announcements   a. Internal  Strengthening/Personal  development  next  week   i.

Meeting  at  7:30  instead  of  8!   b. Hockey  Game  this  Friday!