Specification for sprayed closed cell foam insulation, 0615

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For installation by spraying onto surfaces of building structures to insulate and prevent
condensation on a wide range of applications including roofs, walls, floors and soffits.
Closed cell hypo allergenic spray polyurethane foam (SPF) system to BS EN 14315 with closed
cell content greater than 90% and offering a thermal conductivity of 0.26 W/mK - 0.28W/mK
depending on thickness. Fire rating to be Class 1 when tested in accordance with BS476: Part
7:1997 Surface spread of flame.
Applied in situ by spraying following processing through standard two component
equipment designed for this purpose. The product will be formaldehyde free, emitting no
VOC’s and using zero ODP blowing agents.
Cured foam to provide insulation and air seal in one application and hold BBA accreditation
and CE marking applicable to its use. Durability of the product is to have a life equivalent to
that of the structure in which it is incorporated.
The SPF supplier must be British Urethane Contractors Association (BUFCA) approved.
Material manufactured by BASF plc WALLTITE or equal and approved, supplied and installed
by eco Insulate Ltd, Unit 1 Laverockhall Farm Road, Lochmaben, Lockerbie, DG11 1RE
Tel: 01387 810709.
The SPF Installer shall be a member of BUFCA and adhere to their Code of Practice for
Urethane Foam Contractors.
Material application is to be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended
instructions and independent accreditation where applicable.
Work is to be carried out by a FoamMaster Approved Installer holding a current, signed and
numbered certificate issued by the manufacturer. The Approved Installer will be responsible
for each installation of the product they undertake.
To comply with Health and Safety requirements it is essential that there is an exchange of
information between the Client and installer prior to spray operations commencing on site.
Building elements to be insulated must be assessed for suitability and any necessary repairs
carried out prior to installation.