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KEXP.COM – “Rose’s Pawn Shop is as close to authentic bluegrass roots as you can get from
an L.A. band. This is a compliment, not a bash... Rose’s Pawn Shop makes a statement with
their music…[t]hey know their roots and that is remarkably bold” – “Who would have guessed that a group of twenty-somethings would create
such a spectacular collection full of bluegrass & Appalachian sounding music. They are
originally a rock band, too…This group infuses upright bass, drums, pedal steel, mandolin,
fiddle, & banjos in an innovative way that is well beyond their years.”
Pop Matters – “Acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel, and upright bass
combine with the standard rock band trinity of drums and electric bass and guitar for a
new take on the old alt-country idea of channeling roots music through the grittier tones of
rock and roll. “ – “…the energy and rhythm of the Pogues (if they were a bluegrass band),
Charlie Daniels' fiddle and sensitive vocals that reminded me of Ben Kweller's recent
Changing Horses.”
Phoenix New Times – “RPS has a malleable alt-country sound, wrapped up in skillfully
crafted songs with vocal harmonies and elaborate instrumentation.”
OC Weekly – “Rather than Bushmill’s and sweaty pubs, Rose’s is moonshine and the
Appalachians. The music can still knock you on your ass, but it’s just as good around a
roaring fire as it out of speakers.”
AOL’s “The Boot” – “Rose's Pawn Shop use basic bluegrass and country instruments but
infuse their tunes with a rock edge that keeps heads bobbing throughout their live shows.”
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