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Kentucky Bluegrass
Michaela ,Serena ,
O The Bluegrass region is located in the
northern central area of Kentucky. It covers
about 20 percent of the state. The
Bluegrass covers approximately one fifth of
the state.
Fun Facts
Kentucky’s two largest cities Lexington and
Louisville are in the Bluegrass region. Several
types of grass grow in the rich land of this
The region is known for deposits and
Natural Resources
O Some of the natural resources are soil,
minerals, water , coal , trees. Those are
some of the natural resources.
Physical Characteristics
O The region has gently rolling hills and few
large areas of rock . In the spring ,a small
dark blue bud appears at the top of each
blade of bluegrass . This bud gives the grass
its name.
Human Characteristics
O Many people still make their living by
farming. In the past, cattle and tobacco were
the main farming products.