Cameron Mitchell – Such a Mystery

Video Conventions
1. The Fratellis – Whistle For the Choir
Indie rock videos are often solely based on performance shots. We challenged this by including
narrative sections, sticking to a 75:25 (performance: narrative) ratio. We did this in order to give
the audience a slightly different view to how they may originally perceive the lyrics.
2. Courteeners – How Good It Was
Jump cuts are typically used in indie rock music videos, and are widely used in the video ‘How
Good it Was’ by The Courteeners. We challenged this by not using jump cuts, but instead having
slow transitions between the shots. We feel like this was more fitting as it matches the pace of the
song better, as well as reflecting upon the slow healing process of the artists broken heart.
3. Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty
We use similar style close ups as the video ‘Ocean Breathes Salty’ by Modest Mouse. This is a
feature commonly found in this style of music video. The audience feels more connected when
close up shots are featured; in our video this is true for the shots of the artists back as he walks.
The audience feel as if they are following him on his journey.
4. Courteeners – How Good It Was
Indie rock videos tend to have quite quirky framing, this may make the audience feel lightly
uncomfortable, but also will attract them as it is unique. An example of this in our video are the
transition shots, specifically of the water, as only a small part of the landscape is visible.
5. Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty
Although our colour scheme is not the same as the video ‘Ocean Breathes Salty’, it can be used
as a comparison as their video and our narrative section are both quite bold. Their video gives a
warm feeling, whereas ours is cold, reflecting upon the emotions of the artist. Our performance
however, also has warm colours which show his more positive look on life and his release of the
6. Cameron Mitchell – Such a Mystery
Musicianship is something very important within all indie rock music videos as their main focus is
on their sound rather than their look, this is why the videos tend to be all performance. We decided
to follow this concept by including the artist playing guitar to show off his talent, rather than just
having him sing.
7. Cameron Mitchell – Such a Mystery
Linking to this, the artist or band is featured in the majority of indie rock videos. We felt this was a
crucial aspect to follow, we also used the artist as the main character for the narrative section,
which is not always the case within this genre. We felt this was best as it allows the audience to
have a greater connection to the artist, as they will see him as a normal person going through hard
times. This relates to Richard Dyer’s star image theory, is which celebrities are portrayed as being
normal being, while also being extraordinary. E.g. His musical talent.
8. Cameron Mitchell – Such a Mystery
We use similar to movement to that is Cameron Mitchell’s video for ‘Such a Mystery’. This
movement is very fluid and is used to show off the artist, rather than having just static shots or
zooms. This feature will appeal to the audience as it makes the video more lively and unique.
9. The Fratellis – Whistle For the Choir
We decided to go against the typical indie rock costume for music videos, which we found to often
be quite smart-casual attire e.g. a suit or white shirt with a coat. Instead we went for a more
relatable costume of jeans, a plain tee-shirt, a coat and scarf. This makes the artists more
relatable to the audience and give them a stronger connection.
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