Artist Study - Anthony Gell School

Artist Study
Marc Chagall
Emil Nolde
Van Gogh
Here are three expressionist painters. We want you to do an artist study on your favourite so choose one.
The work you have been doing during year 8 is quite accurate and skilled based so this is an opportunity to
have fun and go quite abstract with your work.
In this artist study you should include:
Some basic information about the artist- bullet points in your own words
Some visuals of the artist’s work
Your own version in their style
Your own observations, eg: what colours can you see? What subject is the work based on? What
shapes can you see? What techniques have they used? What materials have they used? How does it
make you feel? How does their work relate to yours?
5. You can write down your thoughts/ findings in note form next to your practical work.