Pressure Transducer MT101 ОКП 42 1281 Purpose Pressure

Pressure Transducer MT101 ОКП 42 1281
Pressure transducers MT101 (further – the transducers) are designed for continuous
proportional conversion of overpressure, pressure-rarefaction, absolute pressure or pressure
difference values of liquids and gases in unified current output signal.
The transducers MT101-M, MT101-M1, MT101-Э, MT101-T are single range devices.
The transducers MT101-K are multi range devices
Technical data
Temperature diapason: from -40 to 125 ° C
Degree of protection from water and dust - IP65.
Design version on explosion protection - “0ExiaIICT5 X”.
Upper measurement limits and allowable overload pressures
Abbreviated designation
of transducer
Upper measurement
Allowable overload pressure,
4,0-160 kPa
(0,04- 1,6 bar)
0,1-0,4 MPa
(1-4 bar)
0,15-100 MPa
1,6-125 MPa 1,25-110 MPa
(16-1250 bar) (12,5-1100 bar)
(1,5-1000 bar)
On customers request the transducers can be manufactured with units of pressure kgf/cm2 and
Limits of allowed basic error of the transducers γ ± 0,15; ± 0,2; ± 0,25; ± 0,5 % from the
measurement range.
Variation of output signal is no more than 0.5 γ %.
Output signals: 0-5 mA, 4-20 mA; DC voltage 0-2 (0,4-2) V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V,0-2 V DC.
Electric supply of the transducers is performed from the DC source having the voltage:
From 3,2 to 5,6 V for the devices with output signal 0-2 V or 0,4-2 V;
From 10 to 42 V for the devices with output signal 4-20 mA; 0-5 mA; 0-5 V.
For the transducers MT101-K, MT101-T, MT101-M, MT101-M1 the consumable power is no
more than 1,0 W.
Signal processing
MT101-K, MT101-T, MT101-M : analog
MT101-M1, MT-101-Э : digital
Materials of Construction
Connecting pipe:
titanium BT9 or stainless steel (12X18H10T);
stainless steel;
Electric connection:
Weight of the transducer:
The average life:
omental input , DIN 43650
max 0,35 kg.
15 years.
Pressure Transducer MT101-Э
The transducer is intended for independent telemetering systems of geographically-distributed
objects, without external power supply.
Brief technical characteristics
Designed for pressure measurement:
gauge pressure
absolute pressure
pressure, rarefaction
gauge pressure – rarefaction
differential pressure (optional)
The construction supposes electronic zero correction
Upper limit of measured pressure:
Output voltage signal:
from 10 kPa (0.1 bar) to 100 MPa (1000 bar)
0,1 – 2 V or 0 – 2 V (optional)
Power supply parameters
Rated voltage:
Supply voltage:
Consumption current:
Consumable power:
Average value of consumption current:
Input parameters (pressure ranges):
3,6 V
3,2 – 5,6 V
no more than 3 mA
no more than 10 mW
no more than 1,6 mA
according to ГОСТ 22520 – 85
Output parameters
Output signal:
Load resistance:
0,4 – 2 V or 0 – 2 (optional)
no more than 10 kOhm
Metrological parameters
Basic reduced error:
Error in operating temperature range:
Operating temperature range:
Thermal compensation range:
Auxiliary error from supply voltage
Explosion protected design version:
0,25 % FS
0,5 % FS
from minus 40 °C – plus 85 °C
any within operating temperature limits
no more than 0,05 %