Geography & Prehistory Mesopotamia Egypt Greece Essential

Geography & Prehistory
Essential Vocabulary
Q1. What is the study of
how people live on earth
and its resources called?
Q2. What are man-made
objects called?
Q1. What is a large
territory where groups
are ruled by a single
powerful leader or
government called?
Q2. What is a synonym for
Essential Concepts
Q1.These imaginary lines
run east and west. What
are they called?
Q2. These imaginary lines
run north and south.
What are they called?
Q1. Mesopotamia was
located between ______.
Q2. What types of fictional
stories were used to
explain the natural world?
Q3. What vocabulary
Q1. What was a large
Egyptian tomb, or burial
chamber, called?
Q2. What is the fertile soil
that is located at the
mouth of a river called?
Q1. What was the belief in
more than one god called?
Q2. What is a fortified hill
Q1. Why were Egyptian
bodies preserved, or
mummified, after death?
Q2. Pharaohs were
considered both a god and
a ______.
Q1. Why were the
Olympics so important to
the Greeks?
Q1. Who discovered the
Rosetta Stone?
Q1. Which two qualities
were Spartan people
expected to have?
Q2. Because of this man,
Greek culture was spread
throughout Greece, Persia
and Egypt.
Q3. Which philosopher
encouraged people to use
questioning to solve
terms describe the land
between the Tigris and
Euphrates Rivers in
Q4. Mesopotamia was
located in today’s country
of ______.
Q1. How were scribes
Q2. Who created the first
written code of law that
also helped bring order to
people’s lives?
Important Discoveries
Politics/Government &
Advancements &
Q1. Which continent is
believed to be the first
home for humans?
Q1. How did the
Sumerians use irrigation?
Q1. What was a temple for
the Sumerian city’s chief
god called?
Q1. Why was the discovery
of the Rosetta Stone so
Q1. Who was at the top of Q1. Why did the Greeks
the social structure
try to do things well and
lead good lives?
Q2. When the
government is run by the
people, it is called a ____.
Q1. What is the main fact
Q1. What were the wedge- Q1. What was the
associated with the
shaped pictures that were Egyptian writing called?
“Prehistoric Era”?
used for writing called?
Q2. What were the people
of the Paleolithic Era able
to do?
Q3. What were the people
of the Neolithic Era able to
Q4. Because of this
development, people were
able to work together and
share ideas.
Q5. Where did the earliest
humans build their
Geography & Prehistory
Essential Vocabulary
Essential Concepts
A1. Empire
A2. Barter
A1. Pyramid
A2. Delta
A1. Polytheism
A2. Acropolis
A1. Lines of Latitude
A2. Lines of Longitude
A1. The Tigris and
Euphrates Rivers
A2. Myth
A3. Fertile Crescent
A4. Iraq
A1. They kept written
records; they were trained
in cuneiform.
A2. Hammurabi
A1. They irrigated
farmland using canals and
A1. ziggurat
A1. To prepare for the
A2. Ruler
A1. They wanted to please
A1. Howard Carter
A1. Physical Strength and
self discipline
A2. Alexander the Great
A3. Socrates
A1. Cuneiform
A1. Hieroglyphics
A1. Africa
Politics/Government &
Advancements &
A1. Geography
A2. Artifacts
Important Discoveries
A1. The people were able
to communicate, but did
so without written
A2. There were able to
hunt for and gather food.
A3. They were able to
farm and herd animals
(this allowed them to
create civilizations).
A4. The development of
language allowed people
to communicate.
A5. They built civilizations
along waterways( rivers).
A1. It helped people
decode hieroglyphics.
A1. Pharaoh
A1. The Greeks wanted to
please the gods.
A2. Democracy