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Open Space Technology Groups

Building Bridges in Community Bridges with external support, blending funding is difficult Weak with those who are in same industry, i.e. pr, child care, & cch Share-each give a little, what’s in it for me? How do we build a relationship? Need a strategic plan, patience, funding PD: Combining resources with all entities. Olive branch to provide PD by ERF resources

Motivating the Children

More choices Enhancing interest areas Teacher ‘sell’ the area with exciting descriptions ‘cast’ an interesting net Info In:

Info Out: distribution list

Progress Monitoring Assessments

Key discussion points: ELQA-Early Literacy Quick Assessment-one on one assessment for teacher’s to use to measure scores vs benchmark. Expressive and receptive vocab, upper and lower case letters, receptive expressive rhyming and concepts about print Challenges: Poor photos that were inherited; Teachers have had to hand score their own tests if they wanted these typed of reports; linking reports to curriculum; Find clear pictures w/o distractrs to the children Strategies and Solutions: New photos were created and beta tested with actual children; Available in September online or stand alone on disk; plans for individual and group instruction. *Need to address different methods of teaching similar concepts. (put links in manual)

Parental Involvement

Form Parental Advisory Committee (PAC) Responsible to encourage other parents to help

2 representatives from each classroom Community Advisement Committee in OKCPS Talk to your CAC members re parental involvement—may be able to help classroom teachers get one or two parents involved in the class YMCA application form (to be on PAC) – email this lady: [email protected]

Parents as Teachers (PAT) program helps parents learn how to teach their young children (birth-3) In-home assessment (ASQ) Identifies kids who display development delays Child Guidance Services offers parenting classes How to get parents to show up at school for a Literacy Night: Donations-to help pull parents into an after school program Walmart-give them 30 days notice Homeland Buy For Less- 30 days notice Restaurants Church’s Chicken Door Prizes 7-Eleven Johnny’s Get one parent involved and the other kids want their parents involved, too.