ME 3410 Flow of Compressible Fluids

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Problem 1: Air expands through a turbine operating at steady state on an instrumented
test stand. At the inlet, P1 = 160 lbf/in.2, T1 = 1560 °R, and at the exit, P2 = 14.8 lbf/in.2
The mass flow rate of air entering the turbine is 10.5 lb/s, and the power developed is
measured as 2580 horsepower. Neglecting heat transfer and kinetic and potential energy
effects, determine the exit temperature, T2, in °R.
Problem 2: As shown below, air enters the diffuser of a jet engine operating at steady
state at P1 = 18 kPa, T1 = 216 K and a velocity of 265 m/s, all data corresponding to highaltitude flight. The air flows adiabatically through the diffuser and achieves a temperature
of T2 = 250 K at the diffuser exit (state 2). Using the ideal gas model for air, determine
the velocity of the air at the diffuser exit, in m/s (that is, immediately before entering the
compressor component of the jet engine.
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