2013 Fall Report - Society For Cinema and Media Studies

SCMS Women’s Caucus, 2013
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Annual Report to the SCMS Board of Directors
Caucus/Scholarly Interest Group Name:
Women's Caucus
Report submitted by (Name, Title, Institutional Affiliation):
 Co-chair: Hilary Radner, Professor, Department of History and Art History,
Visual Culture Programme Coordinator, University of Otago, Dunedin, New
 Co-chair: Christina Lane, Associate Professor, Department of Cinema and
Interactive Media, Joint Appointment, American Studies Program, Director,
Norton Herrick Motion Picture Studies Center, School of Communication,
University of Miami
 Graduate Student Representative: Jennifer Lynn Jones, PhD candidate,
Department of Communication and Culture, Indiana University.
Date Submitted:
6 October 2013
I. Summary of Past Activities (since last report)
A. Election Results
 Christina Lane has been elected co-chair of the Caucus, to serve through March 2015
 Hilary Radner, co-chair of the Caucus, and Jennifer Lynn Jones, Graduate Student Rep,
will serve through March 2014
B. Other Activities/Initiatives
 Jennifer Lynn Jones continues as Website Administrator
o Setup Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/349447765160358/
o Administers Facebook Page (with 49 members)
 Sarah Projansky (past Caucus Co-Chair) initiated mentorship program (see below)
II. Brief Summary of Activities (no more than a-half page)
A. 2013 Annual Conference (e.g., summary of meeting agenda items, the number of sponsored
panels, workshops, screenings, special events)
Official Sponsor of 8 panels (SCMS conference 2013)
Supported Grrrl’s Night Out (SCMS conference 2013)
Awarded a grant-in-aid towards accommodation and travel to the graduate student
representative (SCMS conference 2013)
Allocated a grant-in-aid in support of the Public Media Workshop (SCMS conference
Hosted Will Brooker, CJ editor
Discussed mentorship initiative [see below]
Discussed using social media in order to better serve members
B. Other Future Activities (2014)
Sponsorship of mentorship program by Sarah Projansky (former Caucus co-chair) [on
“In Focus,” women and labor, in Cinema Journal, projected for Fall 2013, edited by
Caetlin Benson-Allot (former Caucus co-chair) [on-going]
Initiation and sponsorship of a student writing award (Shelley Stamp, Professor, Film and
Digital Media Department, University of California, Santa Cruz [in-progress, 2013
Supporting co-sponsorship of event, “Seduction of the Innocent: Sex and Comics,”
proposed by the Comics Scholarly Interest Group and the Queer Caucus, contact, Ramzi
Fawaz (SCMS conference 2014)
Sponsorship of grant-in-aid towards conference costs of graduate student representative
(conference registrations, travel and accommodation)
III. Bulleted Questions/Issues for SCMS Board of Directors’ consideration (if any)