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The SpotLight
President’s message
Happy New Year. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.
February 21, 2016
SCMS Board of
Governors Meeting
Sheraton Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ
June 19, 2016
SCMS Board of
Governors Meeting
The Cosmopolitan of
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
June 18-22, 2016
IMA 97th Annual
Conference & Expo
The Cosmopolitan of
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
Mid-Year 2016
October 23-25, 2016
Omni Jacksonville Hotel
Jacksonville, FL
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In November I had the pleasure of attending the Student Leadership Conference in
Buena Vista, FL at Disney World. The energy of the students and their commitment
to the field of Accounting was wonderful
to see. This was the second student conference that I have attended and, hopefully, not the last. It was a great way to network with the students and listen to their
thoughts on Management Accounting. I did a mock presentation of the check to our latest scholarship winner, Susan Snyder. Unfortunately, she was
not able to attend the student conference but sent a letter thanking SCMS for the scholarship. A copy of this letter is elsewhere in this newsletter. If you ever have a chance to attend the student conference, please go.
The Executive Committee has been hard at work on the Annual Dinner and Meeting in Las
Vegas. Only this year, it will not be a dinner. Because we are in Las Vegas, we have decided to do something exciting and different. On Monday night we will have our traditional Induction Ceremony with bagpipers followed by a celebratory reception with appetizers. A short annual meeting to elect
officers for next year will follow. Afterwards, we will
head to a Vegas show. We have purchased tickets
for the Cirque du Soleil show, Mystere, and will have
seating together for all SCMS members and their
guests. This show has received high reviews and is
appropriate for all ages. Further details on the SCMS
annual reception and evening entertainment are
later in this newsletter. You may register through the IMA website once that opens up at
the end of the month.
We are still looking for volunteers to be mentors. There are a lot of students who are looking for someone to help them navigate the business world. Contact me at
[email protected] if you are interested.
I look forward to our Board meeting in Phoenix in February.
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Byrd S. Heaton, CMA, Charlotte
From our SCMS Scholarship winner……….
October 26, 2015
Sheryl D. Elliott, Fox River Valley
Dear IMA and Stuart Cameron and Margaret McLeod Society,
I was ecstatic to learn that I was a recipient of the Stuart Cameron and
Dana Collins, CPA Kalamazoo
Margaret McLeod Memorial scholarship. I am writing to thank you for
your generous, financial support towards my education and my pursuit of
the Certified Management Accountant certification.
Susan E. Bos, CMA, CPA, CFE, Ann
I am an Accounting major who is diligently studying for part one of the
CMA exam and am currently a senior at Park University with plans to
Governors Term Ending June 2016
graduate in the fall of 2016. After graduation, my plans are to continue
David D. Teets, CMA, CPA, CGMA,
my education by entering Park University’s MBA program; which will
Southwest Florida
further my career opportunities within the company with which I am curSandra L. Giberson, East Bay-Northern
rently employed, ShoreTel, Inc.
David F. McCormick, CMA,CPA,
It is with great regret that I could not personally accept this award. I am
Nation’s Capital
James A. Williams, CPA, Joplin Tri State presently out of town caring for my mother after her operation and subseMaryValerie Reeves, CMA, CPA, Dallas/ quent recovery from cancer. It is the challenges of working, being in
Ft. Worth
school, and having a family that make times like these especially difficult
William G. Martin, CPA, North Penn
in light of my receiving this honor.
By awarding me the Stuart Cameron and Margaret McLeod Memorial
Governors Term Ending June 2017
Diane Hewlett, AZ Valley of the Sun
scholarship, I am able to concentrate on what is important for me, educaJohn Engel, Michiana
tion. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my
Sandra Brenner, Cleveland East
goals and has inspired me to help others by giving back to the community.
Chris Mishler, Ann Arbor
I hope one day I will be able to help other students achieve their goal just
Donald Hartman, Tucson
as you have helped me.
Peggy Reeves, Spartanburg Area
Committee Chairs – with a term
Susan Marie Snyder
ending June 2016
Communications – Website
Amy R. Blechinger, CPA, Nations
Event and Hospitality
Martha L. Alle, CPA, Evansville
Scholarships & Students
Peggy A. Brown, Austin Area
Patricia W. Wynn, CMA, CPA, CGMA,
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Committee Chairs – with a term
ending June 2017
Communications – Spotlight
Brenda B. Engel, Michiana
Membership & Recruiting
John Campbell, Las Vegas
David P. DiMare, CMA, CPA, East Bay
Northern California
The Mid-Year meeting will begin on Sunday, October 23rd with the SCMS Board
of Governor’s meeting and will run thru Tuesday evening, October 25th.
We will be holding our meeting immediately following the IMA Global Board of
Directors meeting at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel. IMA has secured a rate of
$140/night plus tax (currently 13%).
2016 Mid-Year Information!!
The date had been set and the location is also now set!! So now is the time to
make sure that YOU reserve the 2016 SCMS Mid-Year dates on YOUR calendar.
Where will we be going? No threat of snow, as we will be heading east for
warm & sunny Jacksonville, Florida!
More information to follow, but make sure to get the dates on your calendar –
looking forward to seeing you there!
Sheryl Elliott
SCMS Annual Reception & Evening Entertainment
Monday, June 20, 2016
Induction Ceremony: 6:45PM-7:15PM
Celebratory Reception (Cash Bar): 7:15 PM-8:15 PM
Mystère Cirque du Soleil Show: 9:30 PM-11:00PM
Join your SCMS friends in the celebration as we hold the Annual Induction Ceremony and Reception on Monday,
June 20, 2016. We will begin at 6:45 PM with our bagpiper-led procession through the Cosmopolitan’s conference
area on our way to the ceremony to induct our newest members into the Society. Following the Induction Ceremony,
welcome the new members and mingle with our SCMS friends at a commemorative reception with hors d’oeuvres
from 7:15 PM-8:15 PM. After the reception, head down the strip to Treasure Island to see the captivating Cirque du
Soleil show, Mystère.
Mystère is classic Cirque du Soleil, combining the powerful athleticism, high-energy acrobatics and inspiring imagery
that has become the company’s hallmark. Deemed a theatrical “flower in the desert,” Mystère thrills generations of
audiences with its exhilarating blend of whimsy, drama and the unimaginable brought to life on stage. Provides the
ultimate discovery that life itself is a mystery.
This is an SCMS Members Only event.
Tickets for both reception and Mystère, $150.
Tickets for Reception, $50
Tickets for Mystère, $100.
*Transportation will not be provided to Treasure Island for Mystère, Cirque du Soleil Show. Treasure Island is 1.2
miles from The Cosmopolitan.
Dress is business attire.
Registration deadline is June 1.
“Ultimately, Mystère is a tribute to the artistry of the human body – graceful, athletic, capable of
performing feats that challenge our vision of the real world.”
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Make your reservations now!
Stuart Cameron McLeod Society
Board of Governors Meeting Information
Sunday, February 21, 2016
8 am to 12 pm
New SCMS Members
Do you know an IMA
member who should also
be an SCMS member?
To qualify for SCMS
membership, an IMA
member must be a current
or past
Regional Council
IMA Officer
IMA Committee
Voting Member of
IMA Board of
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel
340 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Tel: (602) 262-2500
Rate: $189 + tax
Reservation deadline: January 20, 2016
The Board of Governors
recently revised the
process so that SCMS
membership is now
effective upon approval of
the application by the
SCMS Executive
Committee. New
members will want to
experience the formal
induction ceremony at an
SCMS event, but now
won’t have to wait until
then to enjoy the benefits
and prestige of SCMS
membership immediately.
To join SCMS, contact
Member Services at
[email protected] or 800638-4427 or download the
SCMS application fr om
the SCMS website.
Visit the SCMS website at