Final - Utah Valley University

Institution Submitting Proposal:
Humanities and Social Sciences
Department or Area in Which Program
Will Be Located:
History and Political Science
Program Title:
BA/BS Political Science with an emphasis in
World Politics
Recommended Classification of Instructional
Programs (CIP) Code:
Proposed Beginning Date:
Fall, 2011
Institutional Signatures:
Matthew S. Holland, University President
Utah Valley University
Ian Wilson
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
David Yells
Kathren Brown
Department Chair
Date: 10/15/2010
Section I: Request
The History and Political Science department at Utah Valley University requests authorization to change
the name of the International Relations emphasis within the BA/BS Political Science to World Politics
effective Fall, 2011. The change in name will allow the emphasis to better reflect the courses within that
emphasis. The name change will not impact instructional activities, only student understanding of the
Section II: Need
The name change is justified because it will better reflect the course content within the emphasis. Several
of the courses within the emphasis are comparative politics courses, rather than simply dealing with
International Relations. Thus, the name change is needed in order to help students understand that the
emphasis will do more than educate them in International Relations, which is often interpreted as only
One of Weber State University’s Political Science BA/BS emphases is called “International Politics”, Utah
State University allows students to earn a BA in International Relations, and the University of Utah and
Southern Utah University offer certificates in International Relations in their BA/BS programs.
Section III: Institutional Impact
The name change has no anticipated effects on other instructional programs or affiliated departments. It
will not affect administrative structures, faculty, or staff. No changes to physical facilities or modifications of
existing facilities will be needed.
Section IV: Finances
There will be no costs or savings associated with this change. It will have no budgetary impacts on other
programs or units at UVU.