Retention time line – rev 2014

September 2014
Timeline for Processing Retentions
Problem Solving is an integral and required part of the retention procedure. Although there is
no specific timeline for Problem Solving/Child Study, it is required that any students being
considered for retention enter into problem solving no later than February.
End Oct/Beg Nov
Ensure staff is monitoring the progress of all retainees from previous year(s)
End Oct/Beg Nov
Staff (in data teams) holds focused conversations about students having difficulties.
Teachers given K-5 or 6-8 Retention Considerations (hard copy)
October/November Teachers develop success plans for students who are having difficulties. This plan is
shared and discussed with parents at fall conference time. Teacher, parent,
and student responsibilities are listed on the plan.
End of January
Principal receives from each teacher or team a Retention Considerations document
with data for each child being considered for retention, including a score from
Light’s Retention Scale.
The Consideration of Retention letter is mailed (via US mail) to parents
prior to the end of February (policy 505.6-R). (See sample letter.) Teachers must
make contact with parents before letter is sent or given to parents. This could happen
during spring parent-teacher conference (regarding the possibility of retention), IF
conferences take place prior to the end of February. The success plan developed in
November is reviewed with parents.
Ensure that each and every student being considered for retention has entered into
problem solving with appropriate documentation (blue folder)
The Update on Possible Retention letter is sent midway through third trimester.
Letter mailed via US Mail. (See sample letter)
The Decision to Promote letter or Decision to Retain letter is sent. Conference time
is set. Copy of letter must to be filed in child’s cumulative folder.
Distribute final list of retainees to Cora Turner and Charles McNulty.