Colligative Properties Lab

Name _____________________________________________
Colligative Properties Lab
Materials: sucrose (C12H22O11), NaCl, or CaCl2, distilled water, electronic balance, digital thermometer, really cold ice
bath, timer
Assignment: Make 25.0 mL of ___________M ___________________ solution.
Show calculations!
(How many grams of sucrose/NaCl /CaCl2 will you need to make your solution? __________________g
Make your solution in a 50 mL plastic tube using distilled water as the solvent. When the solute is completely dissolved,
insert the thermometer and hold the tube in the ice bath. Be careful to not let any of the salt-water from the ice bath
get in through the hole in the top. When ice forms in the tube, remove the tube and shake vigorously to make an
ice/water slush. When you have a well-shaken slush the temperature should hold steady. This is the freezing
point/melting point of your solution.
What is the freezing point of your solution? _______________ C