Examination Question Submittal Program Trial Author

This agreement, hereinafter called the Agreement, made and entered into this _xx_ day of
__xxxxxxxxx, 2012 by and between The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc., a New York nonprofit corporation
hereinafter called The Institute, and Full Name, hereinafter called the Author. The term of the contract is one
The Author must adhere to the training and item writing guidelines of The Institute. The Author agrees
to furnish The Institute with up to one question per requested domain topic per month for possible use on the
examination for the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®), Certification in Control Self-Assessment® (CCSA®),
Certified Government Auditing Professional® (CGAP®), Certified Financial Services Auditor® (CFSA®)
certifications, and/or Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®). These questions must be
delivered to The Institute’s Certification Department by the last day of each month. The Author must receive
feedback of the first submission from The Institute before sending the second submission. The Author must
submit a minimum of fifteen (15) items during the term of the Agreement. At the end of the term, The Institute
will inform the Author if a standard author agreement shall be offered to the Author.
The Author certifies that the questions will be original and consistent with the requirements outlined in
the Item Writer’s Guide for IIA examinations. The Author agrees to use the Item Template provided by The
Institute (attached Addendum). The Author certifies that the questions will be referenced to the pre-approved
authoritative source material. As The IIA’s exams are non-disclosed, the Author agrees to maintain the
confidentiality of examination material and will only discuss the material with members of The Institute’s Exam
Development Committee or Certification Department staff.
All accepted questions become the property of The Institute. The Institute shall own all accepted
questions and their related copyrights and shall have all rights to copyright renewal. Authors may not use
accepted questions for any other purpose, such as review courses or review materials.
It is understood that The Institute may modify the questions as deemed necessary and may use them
for any purpose considered appropriate.
The Author consents as payment the amount of US$25 for each awareness level question and US$75
for each proficiency level question that is accepted. The Author agrees to perform the necessary research,
writing, and any rewriting of the questions, with the total amount for all accepted questions payable upon
acceptance of questions by the Exam Development Committee. In lieu of payment, the Author may choose to
receive three hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit per accepted question.
Either party shall have the power to terminate this agreement anytime prior to the date of payment by giving
written notice to the other party.
First Name Last Name, Credentials
ADDRESS: Street Address, City, State, Country
Lisa Hirtzinger, CIA, CCSA
Director, Exam Development and Analysis
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