1.NDT Nondestructive testing or Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a

Nondestructive testing or Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in
science and industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing
damage. Because NDT does not permanently alter the article being inspected, it is a highly valuable
technique that can save both money and time in product evaluation, troubleshooting, and research
In the current Photonic era of Technology, it is impossible to separate man power from the
machinery whatever may be the advancement achieved. Since we are experiencing a transition
from the Electronic era to Photonic era, with limited experts out in the field, personnel
qualification & certification is becoming a mandatory requirement regardless of experience.
About Course
We offer training and certification on four major NDT (Non Destructive Testing) methods viz.,
1. Ultrasonic Testing
In ultrasonic testing (UT), very short ultrasonic pulse-waves with centre frequencies ranging from 0.115 MHz and occasionally up to 50 MHz are launched into materials to detect internal flaws or to
characterize materials. A common example is ultrasonic thickness measurement, which tests the thickness
of the test object, for example, to monitor pipe work corrosion.
2.Radiographic Testing
In many ways, radiography has changed little from the early days of its use. Radiographic testing
is the method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength
electromagnetic radiation to penetrate various materials.
2. Magnetic Particle Testing
Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI) is the method for detecting surface and slightly subsurface
discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials, using magnetic fields and small magnetic particles to
detect flaws in components. It is relatively simple and easier.
3. Liquid Penetrate Testing.
Liquid Penetrate Testing is a widely applied and low-cost inspection method used to locate
surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials. Its popularity can be attributed to two main
factors: its relative ease of use and its flexibility.
The training classes offered covers the syllabus as recommended by American Society for NonDestructive Testing (ASNT) document ASNT-SNT-TC-1A. The training classes are offered
based on the written practice framed in accordance with SNT-TC-1A. On successful completion
of successful training and examination ASNT Level-I and Level-II certificates are rewarded. The
certification bears an International recognition and the candidates are eligible to work on
International projects, worldwide.
 The ASNT – SNT – TC – 1A training circular places great emphasis on hands on training to
compliment the theory of the subject.
 To support the practical training a large range of NDT Equipments are required for the
students, to aid the students to acquire hands on training on a verity of equipments and sample
defective components. INSIGHT is meeting these requirements.
 This course helps the professional to establish themselves as inspection engineers in major
industries like Automobile Oil refineries, Petrochemicals, Foundries Forging Units etc..
 This certificate course fulfills the requirement of ASNT –SNT- TC – 1A, more importantly it is
recognize by most of the countries and they have openings for avenues for overseas employment
for successful candidates.
 The certificates are issued to enable the employers to employ the Candidates as NDT
Technicians, NDT Supervisors, NDT Engineers, QC Engineers and QC Managers. Offer these
training and certification programs at Client premises and our premises.
 Lecture Classes are conducted by well experienced certified professionals.
Our Uniqueness
 Our air conditioned classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate more than 25
participants and it is well furnished and with pleasant atmosphere.
 Our training programs also include video presentations of various NDT methods. Our
courses are designed to orient on practical application and related theory to the work
 Comprehensive practical training on one-on-one basis has made us an outstanding
training center among other NDT trainers
 50% of Practical training is given as part of course. In addition, candidates are offered
free of cost "on the Job Training" to enable them to work as full time NDT professional.
 Classes are conducted by well experienced professional.
 Certificate holders’ data base is maintained with web enabled system and they can verify
the certification validity status at anytime and anywhere at www.insighteducation.in.
 Active Training and Placement Cell.
Faculty Details
Well Experienced faculties.
Course Calendar
Three months course duration including on site hands-on practical workshops.
Crash Program for employed personals.
Fill the Registration form and send us with advance Registration fee to Insight School of
Engineering and Management.
Eligibility Criteria
Plus two/ ITI/ diploma/ degree/B.Tech