New Trainee Security Badge Application

2015-16 New Trainee Security Badge Checklist
This information will be used to set up new trainees in the security system and generate their ID badges. Send
your pictures to along with this sheet. Without the Information Sheet, security will not be
able to use the picture. Please contact Security for any/all questions regarding badging.
Picture Requirements
Pictures will be emailed to program coordinators. Any picture failing to meet ALL of the listed requirements will
be rejected. Given the nature of this process, there is NO wiggle room with any of the acceptance criteria.
** MD/DO IDs: Security will ONLY use MD/DO credentials for badges UNLESS approved by OGME.
1. Criteria for this picture is equivalent to that of a Passport – EXACTLY (examples of acceptable photos
a. Head shots only
b. Full-face view directly facing the camera
c. Background MUST be a solid, light color or a neutral color
d. No hats or sunglasses
e. This tool will allow user to submit a perfectly sized picture
f. ERAS application photos are acceptable provided the trainee still looks like their picture
 2. Pictures have to be a .jpg file and cannot be smaller than 800 x 1200 pixels. Larger files will be
accepted but the preferred size is in the 800 x1200 pixel range.
 3. The picture taken within the last year & must look like the trainee
 4. Picture must be named using their LEGAL name only: LastName, FirstName credentials
Submitting to Security
 1. Trainees will email their picture to the program coordinator
 2. Coordinator will confirm:
a. the picture is named correctly (LastName, FirstName)
b. the picture meets the criteria as outlined above
c. the picture is the person named
New Innovations – now that you have an electronic copy of their picture, let us know if you would like to upload
the picture into their profile.
2015-16 New Trainee Security Badge Application
For Security Use Only
Dept | Division
Trainees are:
Phone #
Physicians (MD/DO)
Pharmacy (PharmD)
Non-Physician Clinical Trainee
Female, Infant/child or Burn physicians
Areas approved for Security Badge access (define specific wings/rooms/wards or “same as Peter Pan”)
Today’s Date
Last Name
First Name
Return completed form to
Phone #
Local Address (if applicable)
(street, city, zip)