diary entry geography - Harris Girls` Academy East Dulwich

Diary entry of a flood survivor
Dear diary,
A tragic and terrible thing happened today. The river Severn broke its bank in the
night. The whole town is destroyed, homes and hearts were left shattered.
Thousands of people in Gloucestershire like me, were left without homes, clothing,
running water or electricity.
I was woke up in the middle of the night to the raging sound of a storm, thunder and
lightning struck my bedroom as if a volcano was erupting. I found myself surrounding
by green, slimy, muddy, cold and dirty water, I even saw ducks and fish in the living
room. Soon after my mum phoned, the emergency services had come to evacuate us
to a nearby town.
I could’nt hold back my tears, I was devastated. I could’nt believe we were flooded
again, only months after the last time we had just finished decorating. My mother
didn’t cry this time she just hurried us out of the house to follow the emergency
services into floatable boats.
I put my arms into front of my face to shield the hail stones and rain from hitting it. I
was shivering, my lips were turning blue and I felt as if my body was going to shut
down, I had never felt so frightened before. I can still visualise, people crying as they
saw their houses being ruined and there valuables being swept away by the water
like they meant nothing.
Now I am going to stay with my family in a cramped bed and breakfast room for
months. I won’t be able to go school in ages as it would be destroyed. I won’t have
any of my toys or my gadgets to play with. I won’t be able to wear any of my valuable
jewellery or my clothes.
I thought that after the last flood it wouldn’t happen again and that our lives
wouldn’t be destroyed again and that everything would go on the right path. But, I
guess I was completely wrong, I’ll just have to face up to the consequences and hope
that everything from now will change and that I will finally have a healthy and stable
By: Amina Boudjellel