Introduction [max 1 pg]

Form 101: Proposal
Name, PIN
Description of the Proposed Research [max 5 pgs]
Synopsis [Provide a concise overview of the objectives of the proposed project.]
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Background [Provide a clear description of the invention. Describe the scientific and/or technical
background of the project and progress made so far on the development of the technology. Discuss the
state-of-the-art and the prevailing market conditions, and the characteristics and performance of the
product, process, or service that you propose to develop compared to those currently available. Discuss
the novelty in the product, process, or service that is proposed and all aspects of evidence suggesting
commercial potential.]
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Detailed proposal [Discuss the scientific issues or technical complexities and describe the research
methodology and experimental design proposed to resolve them. Provide a work plan and relate it to the
milestone schedule from the Activity Schedule page by which the success of the project can be
measured. Identify the technical objectives and the main area of technical risk. State how the technical
risk or uncertainty will be managed.]
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Team expertise [Highlight the research and practical experience of the project team. Explain how the
knowledge and experience of each researcher relates to the expertise needed to accomplish the project
objectives, and how the contributions of the team members (including, if applicable, company
personnel) will be integrated. Describe how the team will be organized and the project managed.]
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Description of the Technology Transfer Plan [Max 5 pgs, written in collaboration with IndustryGovernment Services division of Office of Research Services. Please identify, under this heading, the
ORS IGS representative (name and coordinates) involved in the proposal.]
Embodiment of the Technology [Illustrate what the technology developed from this project would look
like in final form, and explain how potential customers would actually use this invention.]
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Market Overview [Describe the opportunity, the advantage of the proposed product, competing or
alternative technologies, the market environment and the proposed path to bring the technology to
market. Provide an analysis of the opportunity, market and environment using frameworks such as
SWOT, PEST, etc. Describe how and why the technology will introduce or fill an existing need within
the target market. Discuss existing barriers to market and how these will be overcome. Describe the
market scope for the technology and also the key attributes of the target market. If a market assessment
was previously funded by the I2I Grants, append a copy of the complete report to your proposal (use the
“Other Documents” page). The market assessment will only be reviewed by the Selection Committee.]
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Intellectual Property Strategy [If applicable, describe the strategy to protect the technology. Outline any
patentable subject matter and provide patent status. Describe how this project will improve the value of
the intellectual property rights and enhance current/future patent or copyright protection.]
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Form 101: Proposal
Name, PIN
Commercialization Strategy [Describe the proposed commercialization pathway and the technology
transfer activities that have already occurred. Also discuss how the commitment of the institution to
transfer this technology to market translates itself into specific activities to be undertaken during the
term of the project. Describe how this project will increase the likelihood of attracting seed funding. If
licensing to an existing company is the preferred technology transfer option, identify Canadian
companies with acknowledged or potential interest in commercializing the technology. If possible or
appropriate with the proposed business approach, provide a letter of support from companies with
recognized interest or that are perceived as potential partners (receptors). A letter of support from
potential users or clients may also be useful.]
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Benefit to Canada [Outline anticipated economic benefits to Canada from the eventual successful
transfer of the proposed technology to the marketplace.]
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