Reading Schedule for Fahrenheit 451

Reading Schedule for Fahrenheit 451
You are expected to have these sections read on the day listed at left. If you miss
class or we do not have class, you are still responsible for the readings.
For each reading, write down two questions you have that may increase
understanding of the text or that relate to today’s world; censorship, media,
government and law, literature, love and marriage, etc., are all possibilities. The
questions may be rhetorical, but try to write questions that your classmates and
teacher can respond to in class. Compile these questions in your journal—you will
receive credit for doing so. Be prepared to discuss your questions with the class
each day.
For Tuesday, March 8th: Pages 1-25
For Wednesday, March 9th: Pages 25-52
For Monday, March 14th: Complete Part I, “The Hearth and the Salamander”
For Tuesday, March 15th: First 20 pages of Part II, “The Sieve and the Sand,” pgs. 73-94
For Wednesday, March 16th: Complete Part II, pgs. 94-113
For Thursday, March 17th: Begin Part III, “Burning Bright,” pgs. 115-141
For Friday, March 18th: Complete the story, pgs. 141-167
For Monday, March 19th: “Afterward,” pgs. 173-179
“The zipper displaces the button and a man lacks just that much time to think while dressing at dawn, a
philosophical hour, and thus a mechanical hour.” —Beatty