Marking Scheme for Presentations / Posters*


Marking Scheme for Presentations / Posters*

Student Name:

1 2 3 4 5

Assessment criteria

Layout and Design  Graphical illustration enhance meaning  Capture viewers attention  Arouse interest in the topic  Neat and presentable (uncluttered)  Aesthetically pleasing Technical Competency  Demonstrate sufficient knowledge gain from the project  Able to answer correctly to questions related to the presented facts, theories and process Content Accuracy  Items presented are related to the project  Highlight key issues/contribution  Use precise language Innovativeness/novelty/patentability/comm ercialization potential  Product and finding is novel  Product and process can be patented  Ideas presented are new and unique  The product or discovery have great commercialization potential  Findings/products/process can benefit the society Presentation Mechanics  Linguistically correct (no grammatical and spelling errors)  Adhere to the format specified:  Research vision and research questions  Interdisciplinary research framework  Research methodology  Research outcomes  Pathways to impact

5 4 3 Marks 2 1 0 Total


General comments and recommendations for improvement

*: The feedback is based on the sole judgment of the academic and does not represent in any way the viewpoint of WMG