OCT8.15 - Laval High School

Laval Chronicle
Vol:11 No: 5
Thursday, October 8, 2015
Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday, October 12 will be observed as the
Thanksgiving holiday and there will be no classes for
students or staff on that day. We would like to extend
a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
Professional Development Day
Please be advised that tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 8th will
be a Professional Development Day for Laval.
Students will not attend classes on that day.
District Shutdown Day
The NL English School District is having a district
wide shutdown day on Monday, October 19th.
Students will not attend classes on that day.
Cavaliers Sport Report
Keep an Eye Out for the Upcoming Sports Events
Oct. 16-17: Girls 4A Provincial Softball
Oct. 16-17: Boys 3A Provincial Soccer hosted by Laval
Breakfast Program
We have made several changes to this years’ breakfast
program. We will be offering breakfast Monday to
Friday. In addition to our normal grab and go items of
yogurt, granola bars and cheese strings, we will be
offering toast and cereal. We also hope to incorporate
more fruit options in the weeks to follow. Enhancing
this program for your children is at a tremendous
financial cost to our school. Fortunately, we have a
limited amount of sponsorship from the “Kids Eat
Smart” Foundation. However, there is absolutely no
way we can fund such an endeavor without donations
from the community and parents whose children avail
of such an important program. “Kids Eat Smart” will
match any and all non-cash and cash donations we
receive. This years’ program will be run by parent
volunteers. Right now we have had several parents
come forward to help prepare and serve breakfast, order
supplies, pick up supplies etc… If you wish to
volunteer your time, please contact Mr. Reid at the
school. In the weeks to follow we be conducting a
number of fund raising initiatives to help pay for our
program. We will be conducting our Kids Walk to
Breakfast in the weeks to follow. We are looking for
donations of cheeze whiz , strawberry fruit jam,
eversweet margarine, multi-grain cheerios, apple and
orange juice (plastic or tetra packs) this week, but
would be more than happy for any cash donations to
upstart our program. All money donations can be made
to the office. We look forward to your support.
Math Tutoring
Tutoring times runs from 2:50 – 4:00 pm. on Tuesday
and Wednesday as per the following
Tuesday: Mr. Counsel
Wednesday: Mr. Nash
School Council
Any parent/guardian who is interested in serving on
the school council, may call the school at 227-2041.
Cavalier Ca$h Lottery
Laval’s Cavalier Cash is back with tickets being
distributed on Thursday, Oct. 15th. Our draw date
will be November 16th. Full details will be in next
week’s newsletter.
Provincial School Studios
Provincial School Studios will be at Laval on
Wednesday, October 21st to take student photos.
Students do not have to pay any money on that day.
When the proofs come back to the school, you will
then pick the package you want and include your fees
at that time.
The Loran Scholarship
The Loran Awards are available to Level III students
who plan to attend University and hold an 85% or
higher average in their completed high school
courses. Anyone interested in applying must have
their completed applications submitted to the Loran
Awards office by October 28th. Any student
wishing to be school sponsored must submit a request
to the guidance office by Oct. 15th as the deadline for
school sponsored applicants is Oct. 21st. Candidates
can apply online at www.loranscholarca.ca. For more
information see Mrs. Newhook.
Star of the Sea Association
The Board of Directors of the Star of the Sea Men’s
Association would like to inform any students who
are eligible for their annual scholarships, that the
applications are now available at the school. These
scholarships are offered to high school students of
living or deceased parents or legal guardians who are
members of the Star of the Sea Men’s Association.
Deadline for applications is December 1st, 2015
Volunteers Available
Our grade 11 students are eager to get out in the
community and volunteer their time. Each student,
as part of Career Development 2201, is required to
contribute to their community by volunteering a
minimum of 30 hours. Volunteering has to be
unpaid and occur outside of regular school hours. If
you need a volunteer, please email Ms. Newhook at
[email protected] and she will post it on our
Volunteer Opportunities bulletin board.
2 Laval Chronicle
Bike Safety
The Placentia Detachment of the RCMP would like to remind
parents and students that on April 1st, 2015, it became
mandatory to wear a bicycle helmet when cycling on public
roadways. Research shows that wearing helmets significantly
reduces bicycle-related head injuries. Fines for not wearing a
bicycle helmet while riding range from $25 to $180. Parents
of children under 16 will be responsible if they knowingly
allow their children to cycle without a helmet. Collecting
fines is not our objective, ensuring your child’s safety, is!
Aviva Community Fund Competition
Once again, the Southeast Playground Improvement
Committee has entered into the Aviva Community
Fund Competition. With the support of our
community, we got to the semi-finals in last year’s
competition and won $5000.00 towards our new
playground equipment. We are asking for your help
again this year. Starting Oct 6th through Oct. 18th, we
are asking everyone to vote for the Wayne John Searle
Memorial Recreation Complex through facebook or
email. Voting is only once a day, and every votes
helps. You can join our facebook group as well at:
The voting happens at
Thank you for your support.
Stepping Stones Resource Centre
Come see what we have to offer at Stepping Stones
Family Resource Centre, Placentia for the month of
Monday (AM) & (PM): Leap into Learning (Age
Tuesday (AM): Family Drop in Play (Ages 0-6) &
(PM): Toddler Time (Ages 0-2)
Wednesday (AM): All About Me (Ages 3-6) &
(PM): Family Drop in Play (Ages 0-6)
Thursday (AM): Toddler Time (Ages 0-2) &
(PM): Family Drop in Play (Ages 0-6)
Thursday Afternoons: Healthy Baby Club: 3:30 4:30pm
There will be no programming Oct. 19, 21 & 22.
Please call Serena Pomeroy, Program Coordinator
for any additional information at 227-1010.
Schedule for Tuesday
Please note that when the students return to school on
Tuesday, October 13th, it will be Day 10 on our
October 8, 2015
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