Math Six Honors

Geometry Construction Project
Miss Nieman’s Summer School
Due Date: ________________
This project will count as several class exercises so PLEASE do your best.
Your project will be graded on the following:
1. A cover page (15 points)
This should be done neatly on construction paper, white paper, computer paper, etc.
You must label this page “CONSTRUCTIONS”
You must have your name on it
You must have the Due Date on it
You must have “Miss Nieman’s Period Four” on it
You must also have a unique colored construction on the cover to help decorate it---The
construction must include only line segments and/or arcs.
2. A Table of Contents (5 points)
This should be the second page of your project where you will list the proper name of each
construction that you included and what page of your booklet it will appear on. (NOTE—you will have to
number your pages to allow for this and achieve all five points)
3. Constructions (70 + points) --you pick any constructions worth a minimum of 70 points.
You will place one construction on each page—NO MORE THAN ONE PER PAGE!
You must use a compass and a straight edge to do all constructions (you may check angles with a
protractor BUT you may not use the protractor as a construction tool)
Each page MUST be labeled by the proper construction name, and the total points that particular
construction is worth listed in the bottom corner.
To make your project more colorful and interesting, you may use colored pencils, crayons, thin markers or
shading tools. Be sure to use a marker to make you lines dark enough for me to see (I need to make sure
that you created the construction correctly)
4. Described Construction (10 Points)
You will create your own unique construction and then you will write (in paragraph form) how to
construct that figure. You must show step-by-step instructions and use appropriate vocabulary. (this will
be graded individually on a 100-point scale)
5. Extra Credit (maximum 10 points)
You may choose to do more constructions than 70 points worth, for each one that you do, you will
be granted extra credit. There is a maximum of ten points allowed.
The completeness of your folder and notes within the folder will count as a quiz grade. ALL TOGETHER
this project counts eight times in the grade book (Unit EXAM = 4, chapter test = 2, quiz=2)