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15 JJ Thomson Avenue
William Gates Building
Cambridge, UK
Cell phone: +44 7479 308767 (UK)
e-mail: [email protected]
Born: 12-September-1983
Nationality: Greek
Marital Status: Married
Telecommunications – Network Engineer; Networks Security; Energy Efficient Networking; Wireless
Networking; Cloud Networking; Virtualization; Analytical Modeling; Member of the Technical
Chamber of Greece; an experienced team-player ready to lead if appropriate; committed to continuous
learning; enjoys challenges.
PhD degree in Energy Efficient Networking (2012-now)
University of Cambridge, UK
Institute IMDEA Networks, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Master of Science in Telematics Engineering (2011-2012)
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Master of Science in Cryptographie, Sécurité, Systèmes et Réseaux (2009-2010)
Polytech' Nice – Sophia Antipolis, Sophia Antipolis, France
Master of Science in Communication Engineering (2006-2008)
RWTH-Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
Diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics (2001-2006)
University of Patras, Patras, Greece
Specialization in Telecommunications, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks
Grade: “7.88/10”
Estimating the energy consumption of the different components using SELENA network
emulator (2014-now), University of Cambridge, UK
 Power measurements in order to characterize the power consumption of the different components of
a data center server, i.e., CPU, network)
 Power measurements with virtual machines
 Associate the load of the CPU by the different virtual machines to actual power consumption of the
real virtual device
Energy saving in LTE networks: trade-off analysis between benefits and performance
degradation (2013), Institute IMDEA Networks, Madrid, Spain
 Analytical modeling of a new LTE algorithm (GAS) that achieves power saving for LTE base
 NS-3 simulation to evaluate the algorithm
Characterizing the power consumption of web servers (2013-now), Institute IMDEA Networks,
Madrid, Spain
 Power measurements in order to characterize the power consumption of the different components of
a web server (i.e. CPU, memory, disk, NIC etc.)
 Model the power consumption of a web server based on frequency, temperature and load
Implementation and testing of Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) on ns-3 simulator (2012-now)
Institute IMDEA Networks, Madrid, Spain
 NS-3 development (C++): EEE is not currently implemented in ns-3 and in order to analyze the
power consumption of this standard I have to modify existing channels and devices or write new
ones, to properly represent the IEEE 802.3az standard.
Analytical Performance Evaluation of the Power Consumption of Web Hosting Centers (2011now)
 Collecting measurements from a web hosting company in Madrid in order to evaluate the potential
power saving by replacing the company’s infrastructure with the newly released EEE standard.
 Analytical model that estimates the power consumption of bidirectional 1Gbps EEE links.
 Bash scripting, sed, awk. gnuplot, vi, latex.
Creation of a Database for Contact Profiles with Search Engine (2011)
Greek army – Ministry of Defense
 Design and implementation of a Database to manipulate contact profiles using MS Access, Visual
basic and mySQL.
 Leading a team of 20 people
Analyzing Security in Multicast Services (2010)
Master Thesis – Cisco Systems
 Analysis of attacks and security countermeasures in multicast networks.
Study and parametrization of SIP protocol and proposed extensions (2005-2006)
Diploma Thesis – University of Patras
 Analysis of SIP protocol fields and future propositions
University of Cambridge, UK (November 2014 – May 2015)
Emulating the power consumption of the different components of a network based on the CPU active
 Measure and characterize the power consumption of a server based on load and frequency
 Measure the power consumption of virtual machines over a server
 Add on SELENA network emulator functionality to estimate the energy consumption of the
different network elements based on the CPU load during the emulation procedure
Institute IMDEA Networks, Madrid, Spain (October, 2011 – now)
Characterizing the power consumption of a web server
 Model to estimate the power consumption based on load, frequency and temperature
 Scheduler to distribute works on a cloud based scenario
 Identify the power consumption of the different components (i.e. memory, CPU, disk, NIC) of a
web server based of their work load
Energy saving in LTE Networks
 New algorithm proposal that can reduce the power consumed by LTE MIMO based stations
 ns-3 simulations to prove the correctness of the algorithm
Testing of the behavior of EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet – 802.03az)
 Analytical model to estimate the power consumed by EEE links based on M/G/1 queues
 Installation and programming of DAG card
 Use of dag tools
 Experimentation, measurements and optimization of the power consumption of the Ethernet in
order to improve EEE
 C++ programming, bash scripting, awk, sed, vi, gnuplot, latex, tshark, mathematica
Club Med Otranto, Italy (August 2011)
Chief Assistant of the reception
 Managing the reception members.
 Teaching new reception members about their tasks
 Deal with clients
 Replacing the reception chief when he is absent
INRIA Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée, France (March, 2010 – September, 2010)
Modeling and Control of a Green Base Station
 Creation of a Power Consumption Analytical Model for a Base Station
 Possible Energy Savings
Télécom Bretagne, Rennes, France (May, 2008 – April, 2009)
R&D Engineer in Mobile IP Networks
 NS-3 development (C++): Implementation of the IPv6 stack
 TuCP development (C): Implementation of Tunneling Compression Protocol (Cooperation with
JCP Consult)
Landis&Gyr S.A. , Corinth, Greece (July, 2003 – August, 2003)
Technical support at the company's infrastructure
Proficient use of MS Office
Experience in working with Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, C, C++, HTML, NS-3, Doxygen, Latex,
Wireshark, tshark, bash scripting, awk, sed, gnuplot, vi, emacs, dag tools, UML, MS Access, Visual
Basic, mySQL
Knowledge of programming language Java, XML
Xen, Hadoop, Virtualization, Cloud computing
Greek: Native
English: Fluent
French: Fluent
Spanish: Intermediate
German: Conversational
 A. Chatzipapas, S. Alouf, V. Mancuso, On the Minimization of Power Consumption in Base
Stations using on/off Power Amplifiers, IEEE GreenCom '11, Sep. 2011
 V. Mancuso, A.Chatzipapas, On IEEE 802.03az Energy Efficiency in Web Hosting Centers, IEEE
Communication Letters, Nov. 2012
 A. Chatzipapas, V. Mancuso, Modeling and real-trace-based Evaluation of Static and Dynamic
Coalescing for Energy Efficient Ethernet, ACM e-Energy ’13, Berkeley, CA, USA, May 2013
 J. Arjona, A. Chatzipapas, A. Fernandez Anta, V. Mancuso, A Measurement-based Analysis of the
Energy Consumption of Data Center Servers – ACM e-Energy ’14, Cambridge, UK, June 2014
Electric Harmonium, 5-year courses (1991-1996) – Level “middle”
Track-and-Field, 60m – 100m – 200m, 1996 – present
Tennis, 1997 – present (subscribed in Fédération Française de Tennis)
*Military obligations fulfilled (Nov. 2010 – July 2011)