June 2015

Minutes of Meeting
June 7, 2015 – 3-5 pm
In attendance:
Area A: Charles Pitts, Dan McIntyre,
Area C: Mark Benoit, Bud Graham, Ron Wong
Bryan Miles; Rick McLean
Meeting Chaired by Bud Graham
Bud Graham prepared the Minutes
1. Review of the Agenda
No additions, deletions, or objections.
Motion to approve by Dan, seconded by Charles
Motion carried.
2. Review Minutes of April 2015 Meeting.
No objections.
Motion to approve by Charles, seconded by Ron
Motion carried.
3. New Business
3.1 2015 AGM
Directors confirmed Aug 15, 2015 as the date for the AGM. Location is
the Main Fire Hall on Savary Island from 10 am to 12 pm.
Directors also reviewed the timetable for documents to be prepared and
circulated to members prior to the meeting. These include the draft
minutes, a Director's Report, a Financial Report and any motions to be
considered at the meeting submitted by July 16th.
Directors also discussed some meeting logistics such as sign-in and
tabulation of attendees, issuing voter cards. We need volunteers to man
the sign-in and distribution of voter cards.
3.2 Contract for AGM support
Directors were briefed on a contract ASIC had with Janine Reimer last
year to prepare the draft minutes for the 2014 AGM. Directors agreed to
develop a contract with Janine to prepare the draft minutes for this year
3.3 Resumed Discussion of a Resolution on Speed Limits
ASIC Directors supported revisiting the speed limit question for the island
as a whole and development of a resolution for discussion at the AGM.
The proposed resolution agreed to by Directors is as follows:
ASIC Resolution
The Directors of the Association of the Savary Island Committee support
reduced speed limits for Savary Island.
The Directors request that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
(MOTI) establish speed limits that reflect road conditions, safety
requirements and land use of the various sections of the island.
Directors recommend that MOTI consult with property owners from
individual neighborhoods before establishing any new speed limits.
4. Updates/Subcommittee Reports
4.1 Finance Bud Graham
Bud reported depositing $860.00 from calendar sales. The current bank
balance is $2,835.67. Bud presented the Hillside Printing invoice
($2107.17) for calendar printing. This was paid for by Barbara Graham
and asked for a motion to reimburse.
Motion Carried.
4.2 Transportation Bud Graham
4.2.1 Townley Walk Update
Work on the Townley Walk upgrade was undertaken in late May.
Capilano Highways delivered 800 tons of gravel to Savary. Trees on the
Townley Walk road allowance were removed, the grade was made more
accessible, a crown was built, side ditches were made for water runoff.
and the subgrade was fortified with large gravel. The surface will be better
as traffic oncel compact it.
Unfortunately, the Telus pedestal, which the SIVFD asked to be moved,
stalled completion of this section of the project. We are awaiting
discussions between MoT and Telus about the pedestal issue.
Bud noted that some excess gravel was spread on parts of the main road.
in locations identified by the SIVFD and ASIC as being problematic.
4.2.2 May Vehicle Count Report
The traffic counter was deployed from May 10th to May 26th. The first
position was 5 days at the top of Indian Point hill. The average vehicle
count was 42 vehicles per day. The counter was then moved to the
bottom of Wharf Hill for May 16th to May 22nd. The average vehicle count
for the first 3 days of the May long weekend were 154 vehicles per day.
Average vehicle counts for the next 4 days were 153 vehicles per day.
The counter was then moved to Savary Island Road just before the the
road splits for the propane depot. The average vehicle counts for the 3
days was 66 vehicles per day.
4.2.3 Speed Bumps on Savary Island Road near the main Fire Hall
It was reported that someone constructed speed bumps on the road near
the Fire Hall. This is a safety issue for the fire trucks. This was reported
to MoT who would ask Cap Highways to fix the problem. However, the
person who constructed them agreed to rectify the problem.
4.3 Community Services - Bud Graham
Nothing to report
4.4 Communications - Rick McLean
4.4.1 Correspondence Report
ASIC received 15 emails from members in May. The emails were broken
down as follows:
Speed limits - 9
Tax Service Line - 4
Need for Road Maintenance of Secondary Roads - 1
Erosion Concerns - 1
5. Directors’ Roundtable
Nothing to discuss.
6. Termination
Meeting terminated 4:07 pm.
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