Avanca Medical Devices, Inc. Announces Issue Notification for the

Avanca Medical Devices, Inc. Announces Issue Notification
for the Reciprocating Procedure Syringe in China and Israel
June 27, 2011
Albuquerque, NM. (June 27, 2011) – Avanca Medical Devices, Inc today announced that the
U.S. Patent Office has issued a “Issue Notification Patent for the Reciprocating Procedure
Syringes” in China ZL 2006 8 0008982.2 and IN Israel 00045-05-8 for Avanca’s Reciprocating
Procedure Device (RPD®). As a result, Avanca expects that several Internationals patents will be
issued relating to this technology in the coming months. The RPD® was developed at the
Unversity of New Mexico “UNM” and Avanca Medical Devices, Inc. has an exclusive
agreement with the University of New Mexico Science and Technology to license
and commercialize this revolutionary aspiration syringe technology. The inventors of the
RPD®, Dr’s. Wilmer L. Sibbitt JR., Albuquerque, NM, and Randy R. Sibbitt, Helena, MT.
"The granting of this patent recognizes the unique qualities of Avanca’s RPD®, and we believe
the allowance of these patents will add to and strengthen the patent position for various
aspiration procedure technologies.
The patented technology can be applied to a variety of procedures. The RPD® Device enables
1-handed aspiration, freeing up the second hand to palpate anatomic landmarks and facilitate
effusion removal. The Avanca RPD® is used to inject fluids into, or withdraw fluids from, the
body, while reducing the risk of injuries and the potential for syringe reuse. Clinical evidence
demonstrates safety, efficacy, improved outcomes and cost effectiveness. Rheumatologists,
Radiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, and other medical specialties use a syringe and needle to
aspirate body fluids, inject medications, and provide vacuum to obtain tissue biopsies. The
unique qualities of the Avanca RPD® have demonstrated that the conventional syringe,
especially when transitioning from injection to aspiration, is difficult to precisely control,
causing both unintentional forward penetration and unintentional retraction, resulting in erratic
needle control and increased pain. Poor control of the syringe and needle can result in a
prolonged procedure time, increased patient pain, a failed procedure, unintended perforation of a
blood vessel or other organ, poor sample yield, and delayed diagnosis.
Dr. Wilmer Sibbitt, Jr., a physician at UNM’s Health Sciences Center (HSC),
commented: “With any new device, outcome trials to show a benefit to the patient are always
necessary. Outcome trials with the RPD® have demonstrated greater patient safety, much less
procedural pain, and better outcomes in syringe procedures, including biopsy and injections fo
medications for corticosteroids, hyaluronate, local anesthetics, cosmetic agents and
neuromuscular drugs. New studies combining the RPD® with ultrasound guidance are ongoing
and have great promise to improve the safety and outcomes of medical procedures in all fields of
procedural medicine.”
About Avanca Medical Devices, Inc.
Avanca Medical Devices , established in 2004, is a research and development company that is
dedicated to innovative design, development and commercialization of “improved” medical
devices and consumables that proved increased functionality, safety, patient comfort, and health
care professionals in life and physical sciences. Avanca maximizes the value of intellectual
assets for the benefit of its customers, clients and shareholders.
Direct inquiries to:
Jackie S. Aragon
General Manager
Tel: 505.385.3651
Email: [email protected]
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