Predicted location of RNF212 on the Sheep genome

A genomic region containing RNF212 is associated with sexually-dimorphic recombination
rate variation in wild Soay sheep (Ovis aries).
Susan E. Johnston1, Jon Slate2, Josephine M. Pemberton1
S3 Appendix - Predicted location of RNF212 on the Sheep genome Oar_v3.1
The locus RNF212 has not been annotated on the domestic sheep genome (Oar_v3.1). Here, we
present evidence that RNF212 occurs within the region most highly associated with autosomal
crossover count (ACC). Sheep sequences for RNF212 were obtained from Genbank (Accession
Numbers provided in Figure S6 and aligned against the Oar_v3.1 genome sequence using BLAST
v2.2.27+ using the default parameters and a word size of 15 to determine if the locus was likely to
be present within this region. Matches of length < 50 bp and matching bases of < 95% were
discarded .The strongest associations on the assembled genome sequence were at the sub-telomeric
region of chromosome 6 identified in the main results, falling between positions 116,427,802 and
116,446,904 (Figure S6). This positioned RNF212 between an uncharacterised protein (orthologous
to Tmed11) and FGFRL1, and suggested that its lack of annotation on the domestic sheep genome is
due to its occurrence across a gap in contiguous sequences (Figure S7). Gene order in this region
showed high similarity to gene orders obtained for homologous genome regions in cow (UMD3.1),
dog (CanFam3.1), human (GRCh38) and mouse (GRCm38); all annotations were obtained from
Ensembl build v1.79 [1]. The alignment of RNF212 shown in Figures 5 and S7 is to sequence
Cunningham F, Amode MR, Barrell D, Beal K, Billis K, Brent S, et al. Ensembl 2015. Nucleic
Acids Res. 2014;43: D662–D669. doi:10.1093/nar/gku1010
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