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Press Release
Continental celebrates in Sibiu the “Roof Topping” for
it’s Production Module 4
9400 square meters under construction for a new production module in Sibiu
The Plant together with R&D Centre in Sibiu counts over 1,800 employees
Sibiu, October 6, 2011 – The international automotive supplier Continental expands its
manufacturing plant in Sibiu. The new module built on Salzburg Street will have an area of
9 400 square meters. In Sibiu, Continental develops and manufactures advanced electronic
modules. “This investment marks another milestone of the investment plan of Continental
intended for Sibiu, totalling an investment of 140 million Euros up to now. The location in Sibiu is
continually growing and has now approximately 1,800 employees in the production plant and in
the R&D Centre,” declared Oswald Kolb – General Manager of Continental Automotive Systems
With investments of more than 500 million Euros and the creation of more than 10,000
workplaces during the 11 years of presence in Romania Continental is one of the major foreign
investors in the country. As a partner of the automotive industry and commercial vehicles,
Continental develops and manufactures innovative products and systems for a modern future of
vehicles, where the vehicle will provide individual mobility and pleasure of driving combined with
driving safety, environmental protection and cost efficiency.
“Some of the products developed by our colleagues from the Research & Development Centre
in Sibiu are the intelligent braking and driver assistance systems and the accelerator pedal with
speed limitation in case of obstacle detection in front of the vehicle. In the production plant, the
engineers, technicians and operators apply the newest industrial technologies”, Oswald Kolb
said. “Each month, the plant manufactures more than a million of control units for the
automotive industry. The portfolio consists of seat and door control modules, airbag electronics,
engine management and last but not least transmission control units, which use a hybrid
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Lăcrămioara Dărăban, telefon: +40 369 433 052
technology manufactured only in 4 other Continental locations worldwide. We want to thank our
employees, the management team and the local authorities for the support provided for the
achievement of these goals”, declared Oswald Kolb – General Manager of Continental
Automotive Systems Sibiu.
“Continental Automotive Systems was one of the first companies to inaugurate a business in the
West Industrial Area in Sibiu. At present Continental is acknowledged as the largest and most
important company from this industrial area with regards to its turn-over and the surface
occupied by this production site. I am glad to participate in the “ Roof Topping” ceremony of a
new manufacturing module which is a sign that the partnership between the company and Sibiu
is lasting and growing”, declared Sibiu’s mayor Klaus Iohannis at the opening ceremony.
The event brought together the representatives of Continental and the representatives of the
local authorities: Klaus Iohannis, the mayor of Sibiu, Horaţiu Răcuciu, the prefect from Sibiu
county, Martin Bottesch, the president of the county council, Thomas Gerlach, the consul of the
Federal Republic of Germany in Sibiu, Ioan C-tin Oprean, the rector of the “Lucian Blaga”
University and also collaborators and business partners of the Continental Company in
Romania. The guests had the opportunity to participate in the “Richtfest” opening ceremony
specific for the German culture as well as to visit the existing production lines, based on a stateof-the-art technology.
Continental’s three Automotive Divisions – Chassis & Safety, Powertrain and Interior – are
active in Romania since 2000 - in Timişoara, Sibiu and Iaşi, with research and development
centres and with two manufacturing plants for electronic components in Sibiu and Timisoara. At
this moment, over 5,000 employees from the automotive divisions in Romania develop and
manufacture innovative software and hardware applications. Continental supplies most
important European car manufacturers and successfully collaborates with the local car
manufacturers as Dacia and Ford in Romania.
With a turnover of 26 billion Euros in 2010, the Continental Corporation is one of the most
important suppliers for the automotive industry worldwide. As a supplier of braking systems,
transmission and chassis systems and components, instrument clusters, infotainment solutions,
electronic systems for vehicles, tires and technical elastomeric products, Continental contributes
Contact person:
Lăcrămioara Dărăban, telephone: +40 369 433 052
to the driving safety and the environmental protection. Continental is also a competent partner in
the interconnected vehicle communication. At present, Continental has approximatively 160,000
employees in 45 countries.
Through the end of 2010, Continental invested around €500 million in its Romanian operations.
Both the Automotive Group and the Rubber Group, and five of the corporation’s six divisions,
are represented in Romania. Continental has eight production units and three research and
development centers in the cities of Timişoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Carei, Arad and Iasi. Continental
cooperates in a joint venture in Slatina and in a tire distribution center for Eastern Europe in
Săcălaz. Continental currently has over 10,000 employees in Romania.
Contact person:
Lăcrămioara Dărăban
Location Human Resources Manager
Continental Automotive Systems S.R.L
Mobile: +40-742-204 -817
E-mail: [email protected]
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Persoană de contact:
Lăcrămioara Dărăban, telefon: +40 369 433 052
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