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Appendix C

With Laser Distance Measuring Tools, one can achieve more accurate
measurement readings especially at extended lengths and in a shorter period of
time. The longer that a measuring tape measure is extended, the harder it is to get
an accurate measurement. You have to worry about slack in the line or applying
too much tension on the tape and stretching or possibly even breaking it. You have
to line up the marks directly with the starting point. Even temperature can affect
your measurement when using traditional measuring tapes. Laser distance
measuring tapes are one of the fastest and most accurate ways to collect
measurements, especially if you have multiple measurements to take during the
same job or day.
Most laser distance measuring tools offer easy operation, and some
advanced models offer many more features and functions depending on what
you're wanting to accomplish. The distance measuring tool projects a laser which
looks very similar to that of a laser pointer. Simply point and press the button. It
will automatically measure to where the laser is pointed. With some models you
can select whether you want the length of the tool itself included in the
measurement or not, which is handy in situations where its advantageous to have
the rear of the unit against a wall or post for example. Most laser distance
measuring tools can manage basic calculations like addition, subtraction, area,
and volume. They can also store previous measurements, depending on the
model, into internal memory. Some laser measuring tools will track minimum and
maximum measurements. You can automatically transfer between different units
of measure such as feet, inches, tenths, meters, etc. And some lasers have a builtin tilt detector to take measurements at an angle, ranging anywhere from 0% to