Mrs. Brown’s Grade 3/4 Class
February 2012
Spring is Coming!
This month has flown
You'll notice I have
by quickly! With all of
added some new
the snow days we have
website activities. We
fallen a little behind
will continue to use the
our original plan, but
ixl website too. You
we will get back on
can use it for 20
track soon.
minutes each night for
Student Teacher
Kelsey Brunton will
begin her 6 week
free. See the calendar
for more details.
Science News
placement in our class
We will be learning
this week. She will be
about forces (gr.3) and
getting to know the
light and sound (gr. 4)
class the first week
for a few more weeks.
and then will gradually
There will be a quiz at
take on more of the
the end of the unit. I
will send home a
responsibilities. We
summary sheet of
are looking forward to
concepts that need to
her fresh ideas and
be studied, along with
your child's duotang
when we get closer to
the end of the unit.
Social Studies
In a few weeks we will
be starting our unit on
Upper Canada. We will
learn where our
ancestors came from
and what a different
world it was before
We are still working on
our biographies of
Famous Canadians. We
decided to use the
SonicPics app on the
iPads. When we finish
them we will present
them in the new
Learning Commons.
Name: ___________________________
What year did your ancestors come to Canada?
What country did they come from?
Mrs. Brown’s Grade 3/4 Class
February 2012
The students are loving
the line-dancing! Ms.
Chatterton is very
impressed with our
talented group. She is
giving them
'homework' each
week....teach the dance
to a family member!
child and talk about
what the information
means. It is always
helpful if they can
relate their learning to
real life.
We are doing well
learning the recorders.
Some students are
ahead of the game
benefitting from this
since they belong to
Mrs. Mill's recorder
In math we have been
learning how to create
and interpret graphs.
While reading the
newspaper, or
magazines, look for
different types of
graphs and charts.
Show them to your
First term report
cards (Nov. was just a
Progress Report) will
be coming home on Feb.
14th. Even though
I hope you are all
Math Skills
Report Cards
club, and they are
being excellent leaders
in the class.
Next we will be
learning about the
orchestra and we will
interviews are not
required at this time, I
will be contacting each
of you to discuss how
your child is doing, and
to work with you and
your child on setting
goals for next term. A
note will go home with
the report card, so you
can choose a day and
time to meet with me.
listen to music from
Skating begins this
the 1800's.
Friday. Don't forget
your helmet and skates
(in a cloth bag please).
Name: ___________________________
What year did your ancestors come to Canada?
What country did they come from?