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Dr. Kehr:
First, let me say thank you for the honor of fishing with your M-POW-R fishing rod and reel combination.
I have been a one-armed fisherman for over 20 years and I have adapted numerous techniques to hook and
land fish one-handed with equipment made for two-handed fishermen.
However, all that changed when I was introduced through a friend to your invention called the M-POW-R
while on a fishing trip with some buddies on waters near Brainerd, Minnesota.
Unfortunately, due to straight winds from Mother Nature (and from momma) it would be two days later until
this kid could try the candy from the candy store. However, once I was able to use the M-POW-R, I was sold in
a New York second on its incredible functionality.
“Sweet” would best describe my lure instantly moving after touching down on the water. There was no
transfer of rod and reel from my arm to hold between my legs, then flipping the bail and spinning the reel
handle with my side or ribs.
Following the cast and a press of the button, my spinnerbait moved instantly, especially critical in situations
like clear water when a bait has to move from the get-go to elicit a strike. And I can see how the system would
make a huge difference in getting a strike. There is typically some hesitation as I move the rod and do
everything I have to do to use gear designed for two-handed fishermen. With the M-POW-R there’s no
hesitation from my limited ability.
When using the M-POW-R, I thought I needed a reel for my own rods and wondered if, with some small
modifications, that could be done.
On the day I was able to fish with the M-POW-R, it was not the M-POW-R that failed. I was unable to raise a
fish or hook a fish to test the torque of the power pack, etc.
However, it was immediate apparent that your creation eliminated many of my limited abilities when it came
to casting and retrieving baits. I also left with an appreciation for what the design can do for other fishermen
like me.
Given the love for your son and determination to level the playing field for limited abilities anglers, I
congratulate you on a job well done.
I’m sorry I couldn’t truly test the M-POW-R on a fish, but want to thank you for the unique honor to test the
M-POW-R for the few hours I was able to get on the water.
It was like having both my arms again. For that, thanks, Doc.
John “One-Arm” Vandercook
Minneapolis, Minnesota