SPORTSFISHING Demonstration and Talk Ideas

Demonstration and Talk Ideas
Sportsfishing I
 Demonstrate how to tie a fishing knot.
 Demonstrate how to cast.
 Demonstrate how to assemble a bobber fishing rig and a bottom fishing rig. Talk about
when you would use each.
 Show and explain types of fishing tackle.
 Demonstrate how to organize a tackle box.
 Explain how to care for tackle.
 Describe different baits and their use.
 Explain the water cycle.
 Talk about the different fish in our area.
 Describe how to care for a fish after you catch it.
 Talk about the different parts of a fish.
Sportsfishing II
 Explain the parts of a spinning reel.
 Demonstrate proper fly-casting techniques.
 Demonstrate or explain how to cook fish.
 Give a presentation on fishing regulations.
 Demonstrate how to decorate a lure.
 Demonstrate how to construct a fly wallet.
 Demonstrate how to tie an artificial fly.
 Describe aquatic life that can be found in watershed.
 Demonstrate how to build a mesh net.
 Talk about fish senses and how that knowledge can help you when fishing.
 Describe the importance of adaptation to fish survival.
Sportsfishing III
 Demonstrate how to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble a fishing reel.
 Explain how common materials can be used to make artificial flies and lures.
 Demonstrate how to debarb and sharpen fishing hooks.
 Demonstrate how to build and use a kick net.
 Explain the kinds of insects that fish eat.
 Talk about sportfishing related careers.
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