Wild Planet Albacore Meets Premium Spanish Olive Oil

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Wild Planet Albacore Meets Premium Spanish Olive Oil
New Sustainably-Caught Tuna Fillets in Glass Jars Offer Restaurant-Quality Taste
McKinleyville, CA – Have you ever experienced premium-quality tuna? Tuna so luscious that the
addition of mayonnaise would just ruin it? Well, if you haven’t, you should. There’s really nothing else
like it.
A far, far cry from the tuna of our childhoods, Wild Planet Foods, leader in
sustainable seafood, is launching Wild Albacore Fillets in Spanish Olive Oil.
Packed in re-sealable glass jars, filled with restaurant-quality sophistication
and the convenience of a specialty packaged product, the new tuna creates an
all-consuming gourmet experience for the taste buds.
Pour the whole jar over a salad and you’ll quickly see the difference. With a
deliciously delicate tuna flavor and extremely moist, thickly-cut fish fillets that
come apart at the touch of a fork, nothing else is needed - no salt, no dressing,
just a healthy appetite.
The 100% sustainably pole and troll caught Wild Planet Albacore Tuna Fillets are low in mercury and an
excellent source of Omega 3 due to the smaller, individually-caught tuna sourced by the company.
“This is not your average tuna,” shared Wild Planet Foods’ Founder and President Bill Carvalho. “At Wild
Planet, we’re seafood lovers ourselves and so have always had very high standards for tuna. I can
proudly say that these new tuna fillets are among the best of the best. This product offers a gourmet
experience that’s appealing to all palates.”
Wild Planet Albacore Tuna Fillets in Spanish Olive Oil is available at natural food and select traditional
grocery stores nationwide, as well as via www.wildplanetfoods.com for an SRP of $5.49 per 4.5oz jar.
This product joins Wild Planet’s sister product, Wild Albacore Fillets packed in their own natural juices.
About Wild Planet
With strict quality control from hook to shelf, Wild Planet Foods’ mission is to produce safe, nutritious,
great-tasting, and sustainably fished seafood. 100% US owned and based in McKinleyville, CA, the
company operates its own docks where selection and delivery of fish are taken directly from the
fishermen, many of whom are also shareholders with the company. All products canned by Wild Planet - Albacore, Skipjack, Shrimp, Sardines and the new White Anchovies are considered Best Choices for
sustainability by the consensus of environmental groups. For additional information, visit
www.wildplanetfoods.com or call 800-998-9946.
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