Asian Myths ( Laudy Burgos )

Laudy Burgos
“Asian Myths”
Frederick Y. Lagbao was the author of “Asian Myths”. The genre of the book is fantasy.
Fantasy is a type of fiction that includes elements that could not exist in real life. In fantasy
stories have many mythical characters like unicorns, fairies, wizards and witches. Fantasy stories
are unreal situations. “Asian Myths” have many stories that are fantasy, so are not real like
“Bride’s Island”, “The Ruby Ring”, and “The Tree Of Life”. These stories are fantasy because
they talk about different Gods, princess, and some dragons, and some elements that are not real.
The first element of the “Asian Myths” on the “Bride’s Island” is the Shaman. Shaman is
a priest who uses magic to cure the sick, he is like a God. The brides come to speak with the God
to see if he has remedy for her husband, because her husband is very sick. The bride was
frustrated because she was pray for so many days, and the God didn’t pay attention to her. The
Shaman told to the bride that find the remedy is not simple, and is very dangerous for her,
because in the mountain there are many dangerous and wild animals. But she wanted to find a
cure for her husband. In the mountain the bride had to spend a lot of problem with some animals.
The second element of the “Asian Myths” on the “The Ruby Ring” is Linh. Linh was a
young princess, whose father was the most powerful king in all the land. Linh was very
beautiful. She lived with her father’s palace. Linh was angry because his father did not want her
to have a boyfriend. Linh's father is very strict, because he sought the perfect boyfriend for her
daughter, but as in life nothing is perfect, she was very upset about that. One day the princess
was so sad Linh who wanted to leave home to recreate not to continue listening to the demands
of his father. The next day at the house of the father of the princess Linh was presented a
handsome, tall and strong boy, he had light eyes, very dark. Linh the princess fell very well the
handsome boy, who was left listening to its history.
The third element of the “Asian Myth” on the “The Tree of Life” is the three Gods. The
first God was Bathala. Bathala was the God of the land, he was mighty giant. He looked just like
you and I, except that was much larger. One day he thing that he cannot be alone in the world, he
didn’t feel happy, life would be more interesting if only I had some beings as smart and
interesting as I am to keep me company. He would make them mortal so that each would have an
interesting life story with beginning, middle, and an end. And he would make creatures small so
there would bedroom on the land for them to multiply. The second God was Dagatkalulua.
Dagatkalulua was the God of the ocean and seas. He was a huge, scaly serpent god who ruled the
oceans and seas. He swam through the water by coiling and uncoiling his body with powerful
thrusts that sent huge waves crashing toward shore. They had a good relationship, get along
very well. But one day they had a the battle continued into the fourth day, Bathala
realized that his strength was waning. However, Dagatkalulua seemed to be increasing.
Dagatkalulua thinking the giant was trying to escape pursued him. The last God was
Galangkalulua. He was the god of the sky. The battle had many problems with Dagatkalulua
because they wanted to be superior. A few months later Galangkalulua died. Bathala let out a
mournful cry, and then retreated to his deepest cave. Suddenly Bathala realized that tree was the
answer that Galangkalulua had promised him. It was the Tree of life. So Bathala created the first
man and woman. The tree's soft, white meat milky liquid offered. Oil from the dried meat was
hats, mats, baskets, brooms, and furniture. The tree gave people all they needed to live. And it
continued to give life today. Today we call it the coconut tree. But its true is the one Bathala
gave it -Tree of life.
This book was great because talked about many stories that are fantasy and have many
interesting stories. The story that I liked best was "Tree of life" because it speaks of three gods,
two of them get along, but the other not. The other story and I was like "Brides Iceland." I liked
that because the bride had to do many things in order to save the life of her boyfriend, who after
the wedding fell into a sickness record.
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