Creating your character

Your homework and class task this week is to create a mythical character with a group.
Creating your character –
We don’t just want a 1 dimensional character. We want you to be as creative as you can. Make this character into
a real person.
-Picture – obviously you need to show us what your character looks like. There can be more then one picture. Can
you also think of any more imaginative ways of portraying your character?
-History – In order to make your character a more rounded person, you need to develop a history of the character.
Family? Growing up? Links to other famous characters (e.g. links to Greek myths, Zeus’s son, etc…)? Adventures
battles they have been on? Family tree?
-Stories – I would like you to write a story(ies) about your character – it could use ideas from existing myths (e.g.
your character was the son of Hercules and Athena?) but has to have some originality.
-Organisation – Organisation and planning is key for this project. You will have Wednesday in class on this project
so come Friday, everything needs to be completed and finished. As a result, you really need to plan, organise and
communicate with your group to ensure you know what each of your responsibilities will be. It might even be a
good idea to email each other updates or other ideas which you have.
-On Friday there will be NO time to finish work – you will show your work to the class.
ID6 – This piece of work will go on display. However, I would also like a record of whatever
work you complete to go inside your IPC books. Think about what work you can duplicate.
By the end of the session you must have thought about:
- Who is the character you are creating? You all should have a clear idea of the
- History
- Family links
- Personality
- Appearance ideas
- Are there any links to other pre-existing characters in
- Any other info?
- Have you started to think about what sort of tasks each person will be doing for
the project?
- Do you all know what you will have to do during lesson time on Wednesday?
- Have you created a timeline for the project? What needs to be completed
when? - Story creator online - maybe
useful for creating ideas for appearance/etc… - a good guide for
writing your own mythical stories. Follow the ‘next’button on the website.