Set #5

CHE 313 (Spring)
Problem set #5
1-8 Copy the program Mass5.exe from the class distribution folder to your flash or H drive. You
can also download the program from the website:
Run the program and solve all 8 problems in any order. Solve the problem with the data provided
by the program, copy the problem statement to Word. The program will check your answer and
provide an answer code when you click on “Check”. Copy the answer code and paste them after
the problem statement or next to the answer.
Your work must follow the format given in assignment #1 to receive full credit:
You will not receive full credit if you do not provide every step in the calculation even if
you use a Matlab program.
9) a) Write your own Matlab program to plot the solute concentrations in the capillary C(z), at
the outside wall of the capillary C r t , and at the Krogh cylinder radius C (z, rT) using the data
in Table 5-9. Use the Title command to label your name on the graph.
Table 5-9 Capillary characteristics
Inside diameter (Dc)
0.001 cm
Length (L)
0.1 cm
Wall thickness (tm)
510-5 cm
Average blood velocity (V)
0.05 cm/sec
Entering glucose concentration (Co)
5 mol/cm3
Tissue glucose consumption rate (Ro)
Krogh tissue cylinder radius (rT)
410-3 cm
Glucose tissue diffusivity (DT)
5.110-6 cm2/sec
Overall mass transfer coefficient (Ko)
5.7510-5 cm/sec
b) Repeat (a) with the glucose tissue diffusivity changed to 5.110-7 cm2/sec.