PRACTICE FCE: TEXT 1 - Six sentences have been removed from

PRACTICE FCE: TEXT 1 - Six sentences have been removed from this text. Choose from the sentences A-H the one that fits each gap 1-7. There
is one extra sentence that you do not need.
Nigel Ogden had been an air steward for twelve years when the unthinkable happened. Here, he describes how he saved his pilot's life.
I think about what happened every day. It was a beautiful morning and I was up early because I was working on the British Airways 7.30 a.m. flight
from Birmingham to Malaga. I was thirty-six, had been an air steward for twelve years and loved my job with a passion. I expected that day to be
especially enjoyable. It was a holiday flight, so the eighty-one passengers would be relaxed, and the crew had worked together for years.
It was thirteen minutes after take-off. We had just reached 5,200 metres and everything had been going well. I went through to the cockpit and asked
the pilots if they'd like tea. I was just stepping out, with my hand on the door handle, when there was an enormous explosion and the door was blown
out of my hands. 1 ___ The whole cabin was filled with mist for a second - then the plane started to plummet.
I whipped round, peering through the mist. I saw that the front windscreen had disappeared and Tim, the captain, was going out through it. I grabbed
him round the waist to stop him being sucked out completely. At the same time, somehow, the autopilot had become disconnected and the flight door
had landed on the controls. 2 ___
Everything was being sucked out of the aircraft. I was holding on like grim death but I could feel myself being pulled out, too. John - one of the other
stewards - rushed in and grabbed my trouser belt to stop me slipping further. The aircraft was losing height so quickly, however, that the pressure soon
equalised and the wind started rushing in at 620 kph and -17°C. 3 ___ Simon, another steward, came rushing through and, with John, managed to free
the controls so that Alistair, the co-pilot, could get the autopilot back on.
I was still holding onto Tim, but the pressure made him weigh the equivalent of 225 kilograms. My arms were getting colder and colder and I could feel
them being pulled out of their sockets. I felt my arms weaken and Tim slipping. I thought I was going to lose him, but he ended up bent in a u-shape
around the windows, his face banging against the window with blood coming out of his nose and the side of his head. His arms were flailing around
and they seemed about two metres long. I couldn't hold on anymore, so Simon strapped himself into the third pilot's seat and took a hold of Tim's
ankles. 4 ___
By now, Alistair was in communication with air-traffic control, who were talking him through the landing. He asked for a runway of 2,500 metres
because he was worried that the plane was so heavy with fuel, a tyre would burst or it would go off the runway, but all they could give us was 1,800
Over the intercom, Alistair told the passengers we'd lost the windscreen. 5 ___ The cabin was silent as the grave as we walked up and down,
preparing everyone for an emergency landing. I remember one man at the very back, with a little baby on his knee, saying to me: 'We're going to die,'
and I said: 'No, we're not,' lying through my teeth.
It seemed impossible, but Alistair did the most amazing landing - completely smooth and stopping the aircraft only three-quarters of the way down the
runway. The entire episode from the explosion to the landing had lasted just eighteen minutes, but it seemed like hours.
The paramedics came on board and put Tim on a stretcher. He was lying there, covered in blood, but to my amazement I heard him say: 'I want to eat.’
I just exclaimed: ‘Typical pilot!’ 6___ I went out onto the front steps, and shouted to the others, 'He's alive!' and then I cried my eyes out.
A Some of them could see Tim out of the window.
B Papers were blowing around everywhere and it was impossible to hear air-traffic control.
C Fortunately, his body had just shut down and he'd been in a coma throughout the ordeal.
D All I could think was, 'It's a bomb.'
E I left him hanging on and staggered back into the main cabin.
F This meant that the plane was now hurtling down, at nearly 650 kmph, through some of the most congested skies in the world.
TEXT 2 - Read Darina and Kurt's report of their tour of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. Seven sentences have been removed from it. Choose from
the sentences A-H the one that fits each gap 1-7. There is one extra sentence that you do not need.
Here is our latest report. It includes our trip to the magnificent Galápagos Islands and a few places in mainland Ecuador.
Situated 1,000 km offshore in the Pacific Ocean, the Galápagos Islands have to be seen to be believed. Isolated for millions of years, whatever animals
made their way to these unique volcanic rocks had more than enough time to evolve.
First, we flew to Baltra and our first excursion was to Isabela Island, the largest of the archipelago. The two-hour boat ride was a horrendous journey.
1 ___ Our riding trip included a short trek over lava fields to Volcàn Chico, where the lunar landscape was incredible.
From Santa Cruz Island, we boarded a 20-passenger boat for a five-day cruise including the southern islands. Our itinerary included Baltra, Plazas,
Santa Fe, Española and Floreana Islands. 2 ___
The Galápagos are famous for their spectacular scenery, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and unique animal and birdlife. Sea lions were the
most common: they lie about on beaches, boats, park benches and rocks.
3 ___ Snorkelling brought us closer to more marine life such as lobsters, sea turtles, as well as more sea lions and a lot of colourful fish. 4 ___
The giant land tortoises are out of this world. These majestic creatures probably evolved into the huge animals they are today because of plenty of food
and a lack of predators. But they almost disappeared from the earth because sailors found them convenient fresh food.
If you need somewhere to meet other travellers, one of the main tourist centres of Ecuador is Baños. 5 ___ From Baños we set off on our bikes in the
direction of Puyo, cycling past hundreds of waterfalls and tropical fruit farms.
We crossed rivers on cable cars, abseiled down waterfalls, ate passion fruit and generally enjoyed the sights in glorious weather. The local hot springs
were a perfect relaxing end to a day's cycling.
We then stayed in the charming town of Quito, where we took the opportunity to go shopping for souvenirs. Quito used to be the second most
important Inca city after Cusco and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. 6 ___
While cycling in the mountains, divided by deep valleys, we were washed out by afternoon rains.
Now we are enjoying Otavalo and its colourful markets, traditional costumes and wonderful atmosphere. This is our last big town in Ecuador and it
seems a grand place to end our two-month stay.
7 ___ With the Pacific coast, the Andes and volcanoes, the Amazon jungle and the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador is a little paradise in the centre of the
world. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and would highly recommend it as both a holiday and touring destination.
A The trip was all inclusive and we spent the time sailing, swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, animal spotting and bird watching.
B Fortunately, we didn't come across any sharks, but there was never a dull moment in the water!
C Eventually, we ran out of excuses to hang out any longer in Quito, so we packed our bikes again and headed north.
D Dangerously near an active volcano, the town of Baños seems to have been miraculously protected from disaster.
E For the tourist and traveller alike, Ecuador is one of those unique countries that have many contrasts of landscape in a relatively small area.
F This makes it even more difficult to find the perfect shot for that prize photo.
G Having barely recovered, the next day we rode on horseback around Sierra Negra, the second largest volcano crater in the world.
H These tame and inactive creatures make easy subjects to photograph.
The unthinkable happened – KEYS: 1 D 2 F 3 B 4 E 5 A 6 C
Tour of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands – KEYS: 1G 2 A 3 H 4 B 5 D 6 C 7 E