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Jl. Pawiyatan Luhur IV/1 Bendan Duwur Semarang 50234, Central Java, Indonesia
Telp. +62-24-8441555 (hunting) ; Fax. +62-24-8445265, +62-24-8415429
e-mail :[email protected]; [email protected]
http : // www.unika.ac.id
By Faculty of Economics and Business
Soegijapranata Catholic University (SCU) – Semarang – Indonesia
Jl. Pawiyatan Luhur IV / 1, Bendan Dhuwur, Semarang, Central Java-Indonesia
Faculty of Economics and Business is one of Soegijapranata Catholic
University – SCU’s faculty. In our language, our university is called Unika
Soegijapranata. It is located in Semarang City, Central Java Province of Republic of
Indonesia. Our faculty comprise of about 80 lecturers and 2,400 students. Our
university’s students are about 7,000 students. On August 5th, we commemorate our
university’s anniversary. Right now we have been 32 years.
Since 2011, the SCU Faculty of Economics became Faculty of Economics
and Business. There are three study programs in our faculty, namely Management
(1,200 students), Accounting (950 students) and Taxation (250 students). Our Vision
is becoming academic community with excellence in field of economics and business
based on Christianity values.
Our Missions are:
1. Conducting excellence and qualified education, research and community
2. Developing cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions;
3. Enhancing our Triple Co core values: commitment, cohesiveness, and
competence to the academic community to realize the faculty excellence
4. Supporting the environmental friendly economic and business management.
We developed our Strategic Plan 2011-2019, and stated that we want to become
Green Faculty, in our organization management, curricula design, and in the
implementation of teaching, research and community service.
The strategic steps to implement our strategic plan are as follows:
1. To design curricula of the study program in our faculty which are relevant with
the green management issues or environmental friendly economics and
2. To push the lecturers and students to be more concern on environment in
research and community service relating to environmental friendly issues of
green economics and businesses;
3. Educating the business, government, society, and the stakeholder to be care
of social and environmentsl issues through academic activities by lecturers,
students and alumni;
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4. Actively participate in national and international organization which care on
social and environmental issues or green economics and business
5. Becoming green SCU Faculty of Economics and Business which concern on
environment and community by conserving energy and environmental
Our activities conducting green faculty are as following:
Designing curricula containing green issues in economics and
There are subjects related to environmental issues: Environment
Social Accounting, Sustainability Reporting, Business and
Environment Management.
Management department conducted Green Management Seminar,
presenting Environmental Friendly Practices of Indonesia Pertamina
Petroleum Companies and Djarum Companies.
On September 11-13, 2012. Conducting Conference on
Greenpreneurship I, at Borobudur Hotel, Magelang, Central Java.
There were 34 articles presented from domestic and foreign
participants. This conference will be conducted regularly in three
years. The 2nd Conference on Greenpreuneurship will be held in
September 2015.
Incorporating environmental issues in subject of Business Ethics and
Profession of Accounting Department; and in subject of Business
Ethics of Management Department.
Lecturers’ and students’ research and community service on
university social responsibility, green marketing, green product and
green accounting.
Non smoking area – on 3-4-5th floor of our faculty building to be more
environmental friendly .
Lessen paper use (by using electronic mail), efficiency on electricity
and other efficiency.
General Lecture on Green Business, June 28, 2014. Presenting
Sustainability Reporting and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of
PT Aneka Tambang Tbk.
August 11, 2014
Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business
Soegijapranata Catholic University
Semarang – Indonesia
Sign and seal
Sentot Suciarto A., Ph.D.
[email protected]
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