Create Subset Campaign

What is it?
A subset campaign allows users to run a campaign that will dial selected subsets of a previously run
campaign. For example, let’s pretend we had a campaign of 500 numbers. After running the campaign,
we contacted 285 live answers, 190 answering machines, 15 no answers, and 10 busy signals. If that
campaign was only broadcasting our message to live answers, we’d have 215 phone numbers that didn’t
hear our message. Instead of downloading the campaign reports and sifting through hundreds of
numbers in Excel to determine what numbers we need to call again, we can simply create a subset
campaign. For this scenario, we’d want to select the Yes, Use the current campaign format option and
then select only the answering machines, no answers, and busy signals. See? Quick, easy, efficient, and
most importantly, cost effective.
Creating a subset campaign can also be helpful when the campaign settings need adjusting. For
example, let’s pretend we created a campaign to broadcast only to live answers. However, after running
the campaign for a few minutes, we realize we setup the campaign incorrectly. We meant for it to
broadcast our message to live answers only, but in fact, it’s only broadcasting to answering machines.
Plus, we accidentally selected the wrong message. In this instance, we want to select the No, I’d like to
create a new campaign using a subset of the phone numbers option. This option allows us to re-do the
first two steps of setting up our campaign. We can change the campaign type and then change the
message(s). If we want, we can also choose to dial only a subset of numbers from the previous
campaign. Or, we can select all the boxes and redial the entire phone list.
Dial only specific subsets of a previously run campaign (most often numbers that were not
delivered the message)
Saves time over filtering phone lists through Excel and re-uploading
Dialing only those who haven’t heard your message saves money
Maximize calling lists – every number matters. Reach them all!
Can create multiple subsets. In other words, you can create a subset of a subset and then a
subset of a subset of a subset. This could go on forever. You get the idea.
Use a subset to edit existing campaigns – change campaign type or sound files
How It Works
1. Select the empty box to the far left of the campaign you’d like to create a subset for and go to
the Please Select an Option drop-down menu. Now hit GO.
2. You should now be on the Subset Campaign Structure page. Select the option you’d like to use.
(For further explanation on each option, please see “What is it?” above.) For this example,
we’re going to select the Yes, Use the current campaign format.
3. Now you should see a horizontal list of call types. Select the empty box to the left of the call
types you’d like to dial again.
4. Click Create Subset. You should now see a new campaign with the original campaign name
followed by (Subset) at the top of your campaigns list. You can now run your subset campaign.
Please Note: When using the No, I’d like to create a new campaign using a subset of the phone
numbers option, you’ll be taken through the first two steps of setting up a campaign before selecting
the call types you would like to include in your subset campaign. That is the only difference. As always,
please contact VoiceBlaze if you have any questions.
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