London Record Society

London Record Society
Hon. General Editors’ report 2014
The society is continuing to attract a healthy number of proposals. The current printing
programme extends well into the next decade, with more than a dozen volumes forthcoming
that embrace an array of texts from the mediaeval to the modern period. During 2014, the
Society has published two new volumes, The Diaries of John Wilkes, 1770-1797 edited by
Robin Eagles (Vol. 49) and A Free-Spirited Woman: the London diaries of Gladys Langford,
1936-1940 edited by Patricia and Robert Malcolmson (Vol. 50).
A number of volumes covering a wide chronological span are currently in preparation. They
include a collection of documents relating to London Shipbuilding in the Middle Ages, the
London Jubilee Book, the London diaries of James Brydges, 1st duke of Chandos, the letters
of the 17th-century merchant Thomas Pengelly, and the early and mid 20th-century diaries of
Anthony Heap, a resident of St Pancras.
Although the printing programme remains extremely full, the editors are always pleased to hear from
prospective authors and we would welcome further proposals.
Robin Eagles, Hannes Kleineke, Jerry White