Special Educational Needs Information Report

Heathfield Schools’ Partnership
SEND Information Report
For further information about SEND provision please contact:
Head of Inclusion and Designated Child Protection Officer
Heathfield Schools’ Partnership
Mrs Helen Child
[email protected]
020 8894 3525
Inclusion Manager
Heathfield Junior School
Mrs Jessica Fisher
[email protected]
020 8894 3525
Inclusion Manager
Heathfield Nursery and Infant School
Ms Joy Nuthall
[email protected]
020 8894 4074
P.A. to Inclusion Team
Heathfield Schools’ Partnership
Ms Nikki Allman
[email protected]
020 8894 3525 / 020 8894 4074
For further information about EAL (English as an Additional Language) please contact:
Heathfield Nursery and Infant School
Ms Linda Burningham
[email protected]
020 8894 4074
Heathfield Junior School
Mrs Simi Pathal
[email protected]
020 8894 3525
For further information on G and T (Gifted and Talented) please contact:
Heathfield Nursery and Infant School
Mrs Ruth Levin
Heathfield Nursery and Infant School
[email protected]
020 8894 4074
Heathfield Junior School
Miss Lynsey Brennan
[email protected]
020 8894 3525
Useful Information
SEND Policy (add as a word attachment)
SEND: Guide for Parents
Richmond Local Authority Local Offer
Richmond Parent Partnership Service (formerly known as Enhanceable)
http://[email protected]
020 8547 6200
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
Single Point of Access (Child Protection)
Council for Disabled Children
National Autistic Society
1. What is the name of your education provision?
Heathfield Schools’ Partnership
Heathfield Nursery and Infant school and Heathfield Junior School federated in September
2. What does your education provision aim to achieve for children with SEND?
We have high expectations of our children with SEND and work in partnership with families
to ensure they achieve their very best. We provide appropriate support to include children
with SEND in all aspects of school life, giving them every opportunity to succeed. This
involves a range of interventions to support children experiencing difficulties with maths,
literacy, processing, memory, social skills and emotional or behavioural difficulties.
Additional support is delivered by a dedicated team of experienced SEND Teachers and
Teaching Assistants, and trained volunteers. We also involve outside agencies whenever
appropriate and welcome conversations with parents about their child’s difficulties or the
support they are receiving.
3. What is your current Ofsted rating and when was it received?
Heathfield Infant and Nursery School – Requires Improvement (April 2014)
Heathfield Junior School – Good (May 2014)
4. Where is your education provision located and what geographic area(s) does
it cover?
We are located in Whitton within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. We take
children from across Richmond and other neighbouring local authorities.
5. Who does your education provision provide for?
We welcome boys and girls aged 3 to 11. The SEN Code of Practice 2014 identifies four
broad areas of need:
Communication and interaction including Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Cognition and Learning including dyslexia
Social, emotional and mental health Difficulties including Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder
Sensory and/or physical needs
We aim to meet the needs of children with SEND in all these areas.
We also have three specialist provisions on site:
 Infant Language Unit
 Junior Language Unit
 Junior SEMH Hub
6. What is the approximate size of your education provision?
a. Mainstream Provision
Heathfield Nursery and Infant School - 464 children
Heathfield Junior School - 420 children
b. Additionally Resourced Provisions for children with a Statement/EHC Plan
Infant Language Unit – 10 full time places
Junior Language Unit – 10 part time places
Junior SEMH Provision – 4 full time places
c. Children with a Statement/EHC Plan
Heathfield Nursery and Infant School – 5 children
Heathfield Junior School – 23 children
d. Approximate number of children with SEND
Heathfield Nursery and Infant School – 80 children
Heathfield Junior School – 110 children
7. Who should I contact if I have a compliment, concern or complaint about the
education provision?
Both schools’ complaints procedures are available on the school websites. In the first
instance please contact the Executive Headteacher, Mr Paul Clayton
[email protected]
020 8894 4074/020 8894 3525
8. What future plans does your education provision have for developing its
SEND provision?
Our new Junior SEMH provision opened in September 2014 following appropriate training
for all Junior Staff.
Our team of teachers and Teaching Assistants receive regular training in aspects of SEND
in order to meet the changing needs of children within both schools and to remain up to
date in SEND initiatives.
9. What additional provision is made for children with SEND at Heathfield?
All children are entitled to good quality teaching within the classroom. We recognise that
for some children additional support is necessary to compliment this. We use various
assessments and informal and formal conversations to ascertain which support is best for
each child. This is regularly reviewed to respond to the changing needs of each child.
Support may include:
 Additional phonic interventions for individuals and in small groups
 Additional maths support for individuals and in small groups
 Specialist SEND teaching
 Additional in class support
 Access to our sensory room
 On site nurture groups with access to our food technology areas and gardening spaces
 Local authority nurture sessions
 Specialist intervention groups supported by the Educational Psychology Service
Additional therapy sessions on a small group or one to one basis
Support to attend extracurricular activities
10. Which external agencies do you liaise with to meet the needs of children with
SEND within the school?
We liaise with a range of external agencies including:
 Educational Psychology Service
 Social Care teams
 Speech and Language Therapy
 Occupational Therapy
 Sensory Support Service
 Behaviour Support Service
 Physiotherapy Service
 Medical Professionals including school nurse
 CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)
 Creative Therapists (Art and Play Therapy)
 Family Support Service (including a school based Family Support Worker)
 Heathfield Children’s Centre
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