Standing Rules of the Chapel Hill Elementary PTA Part 1

Standing Rules of the Chapel Hill Elementary PTA
Part 1: Administration
A. Executive Board Duties/PTA Member Duties:
1. Executive board members are expected to attend all regular and special
meetings of the Executive Board, assigned committee meetings, and general
membership meetings. Failure to attend 2 consecutive board meetings without
being excused is grounds for removal from the board. If unable to attend
meetings, notify the president.
2. Executive board members who fail to attend meetings, for which a financial
obligation has been made, without cancellation of reservation, will be billed for
the cost.
3. Any executive board member, funded by the PTA, attending workshops,
conventions, or conferences, shall file a written report with the Executive Board.
4. Executive board members are expected to help carry out the program at
general membership meetings.
5. Procedure binder shall be kept current and at the end of term of office shall be
turned over to the PTA.
6. When an executive board member has collected money, it must be counted by
another member who has signed to touch money and must be deposited the
day it was collected. No money shall go home with anyone. Failure to comply
could result in termination of duties.
7. Any PTA members who attend PTA Conventions or Workshops will be covered
for: the cost of the convention, up to $75.00/per person/per night for lodging
(example: Convention begins Friday at 8:00 AM and ends Saturday at 8:00 PM
= 1 night) and $25.00 per person/per day for meals. All meal money must be
paid out of pocket and receipts submitted to Treasurer for reimbursement. All
fees and lodging will be handled upon registration of event.
B. Meetings
1. Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held the 1st Tuesday of the
month. Meetings shall begin at 7:00 PM and adjourn no later than 8:30 PM.
Meetings can be extended if a motion is brought.
2. All motions shall be presented in writing.
3. There must an agenda for each meeting. If you which to be included on the
agenda, please provide notice to the president at least three days in advance.
C. Finance
1. When authorized purchases are made for which the PTA is billed:
a. A yellow disbursement request form shall be completed, signed and
forwarded to the treasurer with the bill within 10 days of receipt of the bill.
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b. If the purchase was paid by the member, the receipts and yellow
disbursement form shall be sent the treasurer via the PTA mailbox or in
person within 30 days.
c. FYI: Keep a copy of the yellow form and receipts for your records.
2. Checks will not be issued to committees who have not submitted a plan of work
in writing and /or have the approval of the board.
3. Budget Committee – shall have an odd number of members to include the
newly elected officers (President, 2 Vice Presidents, 2 Secretaries and
Treasurer), the immediate past President, the immediate past Treasurer, and
the immediate past Audit Committee Chair.
D. Duties of the president
1. Submit president’s message and review articles for the newsletter each month.
2. Submit officer information to PTA council via the website.
3. Attend PTA council leadership training.
4. Serve as presiding chair of the Budget Committee.
5. In collaboration with the school principal, establish annual calendar activities
and submit to school principal (August)
6. Ensure all standing committees have chairs.
7. Review all meetings and share pertinent information with membership.
8. Order subscriptions to PTA magazines, a form will come to you.
E. Duties of the first vice president
1. Distribute and collect Plan of Works for committees. Give to recording
secretary for maintaining files. Verify with treasurer that Plan of Work is on file
before any money is reimbursed for a committee.
2. Accept and coordinate requests to chair standing committees
3. Review award applications from National and State
4. Arrange August PTA meeting
F. Duties of the second vice president
1. Maintain the marque in front of the school with current events.
2. Arrange to send newsletter to PTA council.
3. Submit names to county for our G/T chair and our special education chair.
4. Preside over the annual membership drive and create a letter welcoming back
staff and general membership
G. Duties of the treasurer
1. The treasurer shall submit an accurate budget at each monthly Executive Board
meeting. This will be filed with the minutes.
2. The treasurer shall reimburse members within 2 weeks of receiving the proper
paper work.
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3. The treasurer shall pay all bills presented within 7 days of receiving them.
H. Duties of the recording secretary
1. Record and distribute all Executive Board Meeting Minutes
2. Distribute and collect procedure books
3. Maintain file for committee plan of works.
I. Duties of the corresponding secretary
1. All outside correspondence shall go through the corresponding secretary.
2. Letters that are to be written for correspondence shall be finalized by the
corresponding secretary. A form will be circulated with the guidelines for these
3. All stamps shall come from the corresponding secretary.
4. The correspondence budget includes PTA letterhead, envelopes,
stamps/postage, and cards for various events.
5. The corresponding secretary shall handle cards given from the PTA for various
6. Create an agenda for all meetings and make copies for distribution.
7. Maintain a list of all standing committee chairs to take attendance with at
monthly meetings.
Part 2: Nominations
A. Only those people who are members of the PTA may be nominated for a board
B. Only those people who are active participants in a committee may be nominated for a
board position.
C. To be nominated you must have attended at least 4 executive board meetings and/or
demonstrate equivalent PTA experience.
Part 3: Standing Committees
A. Duties of chairperson
1. All committee members shall be current PTA cardholders.
2. Develop a plan of works to present to the executive board for approval. (This will
be strongly enforced and no monies will be given to committees who have not
done this. NO EXCEPTIONS!) This should be done at least one month prior to
the event or activity.
3. Provide articles for the newsletter.
4. Maintain a procedure book. (this book should contain copies of reports given at
executive board meetings, copies of flyers that were sent out, financial
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information, committee member names and meetings that were held; for additional
information see paper in binder)
Plan and hold meetings with committee members as necessary and present this
information in writing to the executive board.
Attend all executive board meetings when your committee is in active status
and/or on the agenda. Failure to attend an executive board meeting, without
sending in a full committee report may result in termination of that member’s
Submit flyers that are being sent home to the executive board and/or the president
and one other executive board member for approval.
If money is being collected, fill out a blue daily deposit form. Turn in money
immediately to the PTA mailbox in the office or directly to the treasurer. Please let
the treasurer know that the money will be there so he/she can pick it up that day.
Monies should never be taken home with anyone without the consent of the
treasurer and president. Failure to follow this may result in termination of that
member’s duties.
B. Plan of Work
1. A plan of work shall contain the following elements.
 committee name
 chairperson’s name and telephone number
 budget allotted
 goals for the year
 activities to accomplish goals
 anticipated expenses/supplies necessary
2. A plan of work must be submitted to the executive board before any monies will be
C. Standing Committees and Responsibilities
1. Audit
 Review all treasury reports and transactions on a bi-annual basis and
report findings to the PTA executive board by the September PTA
meeting of the following school year.
2. Book Fair
 Meet with Scholastic representative prior to the event
 Have president sign contract
 Coordinate with administration where the book fair will be held
 Post teacher sign-up schedule for class visitations
 Distribute class visitation schedule 1 week prior to event
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 Schedule volunteers to assist students and parents. (Volunteers who will
handle money must have signed to handle money-check with treasurer
for form)
Box Tops
 Collect box tops beginning in September from students and submit to
General Mills
 Hold quarterly/monthly incentives for students. Obtain prizes by
donation from area businesses
 Keep members informed of progress
 Review bylaws every 3 years and present report to executive board
 Submit to Baltimore County PTA/Maryland PTA for approval by date
listed on current bylaws
End of the Year Celebration
 Plan and execute a free family event at the end of the year.
 Hire vendors to provide food and games
 Coordinate a volunteer schedule to help run stations
 Educate students and parents to care for the environment and
encourage them to take action to improve the environment.
 Plan activities to do with students that improve the environment
Fall Fundraiser
 Meet with representative the winter before to get dates and contracts
 Kickoff fundraiser at Back-To-School Night
 Coordinate with company incentives for the classrooms/students earning
the most money
 A representative from the committee must report to the executive board
before, during and after the event
 Any money collected must be handled by those approved to touch
 Any monies collected must be turned in immediately to the treasurer and
green from and manila envelope should be completed daily
 Coordinate with volunteers for parental pick-up of merchandise
Family Involvement
 Organize events such as dances, bingo nights, movie nights
 Create, reproduce, and distribute flyers about the events
 Sell tickets prior to the event and collect tickets at the event (Tickets
must be numbered for record keeping)
 Arrange for donations and/or purchase of refreshments
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 Coordinate volunteers to set-up, serve and clean-up the event
9. Field Day
 Coordinate a date with the physical education teacher
 Arrange for volunteers
10. Fifth Grade Farewell
 Fourth grade families arrange a reception for the graduating families
 Obtain donations for food, drink and paper products
 Arrange for volunteers to set-up and clean-up
11. Gifted/Talented Liaison
 Read mailings sent by Baltimore County
 Submit articles for the newsletter when important events are happening
 Be a resource for parents
12. Grocery Store Club Cards
 Notify parents of participating stores and let them know how to register
via a flyer or newsletter article
 Inform principal of the participating stores so she knows to expect a
13. Holiday Shop
 Coordinate a night of holiday shopping for students and families on the
same night of the winter dance
 Provide items for sale
 Contact teachers/staff for help with wrapping gifts during the shop
 Organize volunteers to help with the night
14. Hospitality
 Provide refreshments for various events
 Coordinate donations, set-up and monitor Teacher Back-To-School
Breakfast (August meeting)
 Coordinate refreshments for American Education Week and
Grandparents Day
 Provide drink and light snack for Pre-K and Kindergarten round-up
 Arrange for refreshments/gifts for special days (Nurse’s day, Secretary’s
day, custodian’s day, cafeteria workers day, Etc.)
15. Legislative
 Attend meetings and work with educational leaders to promote issues on
behalf of the PTA
 Update parents on issues via flyers or newsletter articles
16. Male Involvement
 Plan at least one event for dads and their children
 Advertise the event by distributing flyers the week before
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17. Membership
 Meet with the executive board to create a membership theme and price
we will charge (August)
 Write, copy an distribute introduction letter to parents and staff (End of
 Obtain membership envelopes with information on the front
 Collect money, fill out green form and manila envelope and give to the
treasurer daily
 Organize and maintain returned envelopes
 Create a list of members
 Fill-out and distribute membership cards
 Arrange for a reward for class with the most members or a raffle
 Order more cards when necessary
 Send back any unused cards by appropriate date (March)
 Complete forms for life time memberships as deemed appropriate by
current PTA officers (May)
18. Newsletter
 Organize articles and create newsletter to go out the 3 rd Thursday of the
 Remind everyone that articles should be submitted to you by the 2 nd
Friday of the month
 Get a copy of the newsletter to the President by the Monday before it
goes out for approval and copying
 Distribute to teacher mailboxes at least the Wednesday before
19. Nominating
 Committee is elected by executive board in February
 Inform PTA members that nominations are being accepted for executive
officers (March)
 Committee evaluates nominees and puts together a ballot for upcoming
school year
 Inform members of nominees
 Choose officers
20. Pitch-In Weekend
 Monitor the front and courtyard of the building
 Arrange with the principal for a weekend in the fall and spring to spruce
up the areas around the building
 Get donations for flowers, plants, mulch, etc.
 Promote the weekend
21. Printer Cartridges
 Collect printer cartridges monthly and submit to appropriate company
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 Maintain the area where cartridges are collected
 Inform parents of what can be collected
22. Read-To-Me Nights
 Set up dates and readers for each night
 Get donations for refreshments and door prizes
 Promote event via flyers or newsletter
23. School Store
 Order school supplies to sell at the store
 Sell supplies to students on a day to be determined once a week from
 Arrange to have 5th graders work the store and create a schedule for
 Turn in money collected to the treasurer on the same day as the sale
24. Scholarship
 Review letters from guidance offices and fill out in a timely manner
 The students must be current PTSA members and CHE alum in order to
be considered
 The committee may choose the winners or allow the guidance office to
do so
 Coordinate with treasurer for payments made to the colleges
 1 is awarded to Perry Hall High and 1 to Eastern Vo Tech High School
25. School Improvement Team
 Attend monthly meetings
 Report to executive board
26. School Spirit Wear
 Decide what items will be offered
 Distribute forms and prices to parents
 Collect and submit money with appropriate forms to treasurer daily
27. Special Ed Liaison
 Read mailings sent by Baltimore County
 Be a resource for parents
 Provide newsletter articles for upcoming events
28. Spirit Nights
 Meet with representative and set up dates
 Promote event via a flyer
 Get volunteers to greet the Chapel Hill Families
29. Student Incentives
 Meet with Teacher in charge to coordinate incentives
 Report to executive board about the items that are being requested
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 Order items to be distributed
30. Talent Show
 Meet in February to discuss date and theme
 Plan rehearsal dates, flyers and permission slips
 Decide how to select participants
 Get donations for refreshments and door prizes
31. Teacher Appreciation
 Meet in March to discuss events for the week
 Coordinate teacher luncheon including class coverage for teachers
 Event occurs in early May
 Get donations for the week
 Create and distribute flyers to inform parents
32. Volunteer Coordinator
 Inform parents of committees available
 Set up table at Back to School Night to enlist volunteers
 Inform committee chairs about interested members
 Create a master list of committees to include name, phone, email and
child’s teacher
 Design a plan to enlist more volunteers
 Work with school volunteer chair to assist where necessary
33. Ways and Means
 Meet in March to discuss school fundraising options for next school year
 Decide the fundraisers for the upcoming school year
 Submit choice to the executive board for approval
34. Yearbook
 Meet with yearbook company to arrange for yearbook contract for
upcoming year (August/September)
 Obtain pictures of students and faculty
 Meet with committee members to create pages
 Submit items by deadlines
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