2014-2015 CU-MUSC Bioengineering Program Grant Application

2014-2015 CU-MUSC Bioengineering Program Grant Application
Faculty and research personnel at the CU-MUSC Bioengineering Program will be
sponsoring four (4) AMHS thesis students. To be considered for this grant, please type the
following application and submit a hard copy to Mrs. Bortz no later than Monday, January
6, 2014. Interviews, if needed, will be scheduled for Friday, January 17, 2014. Please limit
your response to three typed pages.
1. Name:
2. Lab Selection: Rank your research laboratory choices, 1- 4 (1 being your first choice):
____Biomaterials and Tissue Fabrication Lab - Focus: The development of
nanobiotechnology, biomaterials, 3D printing technology and stem cell technology for
regenerative medicine and tissue engineering applications.
____Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory - Focus: The biomechanics of human body,
organs, tissues and cells to quantitatively understand the relationship between
biological structure and function.
___Tissue engineering Lab - Focus: Stem cell and developmental biology, biosensors
and molecular genetics of development.
____Nano and Functional Imaging Lab - Focus: The development of optical imaging
techniques that can provide super-high spatial and temporal resolutions and dynamic
structural and functional processes in related biomedical research. Includes both
hardware and software developments.
3. Explain your lab selection: why did you choose this lab and why are you a good match
for their research?
4. Explain why you are a good candidate for this grant. Speak to your academic strengths,
work habits, ability to work with professionals in the field, time available to commit to
the project, etc.
5. Please indicate below which Advanced Placement science courses you have taken or
plan to take.
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics B
AP Physics Mech
Check the year you took/plan to take the course:
 Sophomore Year  Junior Year
 Senior Year
 Sophomore Year  Junior Year
 Senior Year
 Sophomore Year  Junior Year
 Senior Year
 Sophomore Year  Junior Year
 Senior Year
 Sophomore Year  Junior Year
 Senior Year
6. What are your career ambitions?
7. Using your Thesis topic as it stands today, answer the following questions concerning
your thesis topic and please attach your Statement of Need/Main Goal Draft:
a. List your governing question
b. Primary Field of Study, Secondary Field of Study
c. Working Title
8. Data collection will need to take place during the summer. Can you think of any reason
why you will not be able to do this? (ie. Family vacation(s), camps, work, etc).
9. Will transportation be a problem?
10. Do any of your family members work at a local University (CofC, MUSC, CSU, Citadel)? If
yes, please list their name and department.