Primary fours trip to Feddan farm

Primary four’s trip to Feddan farm.
On Thursday 19th February primary four went to Feddan
farm with Mrs Forbes, Miss Stephen and Mrs West. First
we went into the calf shed and had an empire biscuit and
a fruit shoot after that we went to look at a new born
baby calf and found out these facts:
1. A new born baby calf can stand up when it is only up to
one hour old.
2. That a calf gets taken away from its mother at only
twelve hours old.
3. The bull calves get taken away to a different farm to get
fattened up.
Then we went up to all the female calves and got to
stroke them. We got told that they have to train them to
suck out of a teat. Once they had been trained they get
moved into a different pen and they will use an automatic
calf feeder and will get fed by it. Later on we went to see
the cows get milked. We saw them going round on the
carousel then we went into the centre to see all the cows.
It was pretty cool. We went to wash our hands and then
we left to go back to school.
By Megan Innes