Phytoparasitica – Electronic Supplementary Material Online

Phytoparasitica – Electronic Supplementary Material
Online Resource 2: Schematic diagram of the aphid dual-choice arena. It consisted of a Petri dish
(15 cm diameter) with two rectangular holes in the bottom covered with voile fabric to prevent
the aphids from inserting their stylets into the plant tissue. Without being excised, a pair of
leaves from each tested a plant were positioned below the Petri dish bottom and between the
holes and a cardboard support. Twenty aphids in a circular filter paper were released in the
center of the arena. (a) lateral view of the set-up; (b) top view of the arena showing aphids
released in the center and the rectangular holes covered with voile fabric.
Santos et al. 2015. Co-infected wheat by Gibberella zeae and Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus alters
Rhopalosiphum padi olfactory preference and performance