Food chain headbands

Food Chain Headbands
Laminate the following photos and
attach to cardboard headbands. The
children can try to sort themselves into
food chains and food webs
The garden slug will
eat most vegetation –
especially saplings,
fruits and vegetables
Many species of ants will eat the
bodies of dead insects that are much
larger than they, including caterpillars
and grasshoppers.
they eat the honeydew that other
insects leave behind. Honeydew is a
sweet substance secreted by aphids
as they ingest the juices of plants.
Some ant species even 'farm' aphids.
The ants will take the aphids back to
their ant colony, tend to them and
milk them for the honeydew.
Aphids will be
eaten by
Common toads
will eat slugs and
A garden spider will
eat flies
Grass snakes will
eat toads
Sparrows will
eat ants
A starling will eat
a garden spider
A blue bottle fly will feed on
fruit and flowers (like
A peony