1st Biotech Coutry Project Slides


2012-13 Biotech Academy Thematic Country Project Slides 1


Semester Sophomore Final

Slide 1: Title Slide- Country name, presenters, date Slide 2-3: Demographics- area, population, urbanization, life expectancy, median age, literacy rate, fertility rate, infant mortality Slide 4


Location- Latitude and longitude, continent, neighboring countries.

Slide 5: Major Topographical Features- Waterways (rivers, lakes, oceans), mountains, valleys, plains, etc.

Biology of your Country Slide 6:

Agriculture/ Natural Resources- What are the major agricultural products? Natural resources; i.e. oil, timber, minerals, etc.

Slide 7:

Population Pyramid- What is the age-sex breakdown of the population. How many people are there of each age bracket and sex?

Slide 8:

Ethnicities- What are the native ethnicities of peoples from your country? What is their status today?

Slides 9-10:

Major Biomes- What are the largest/ most important biomes located within your country? Give basic facts about these biomes; climate, size, history, etc.

Slide 11-12:

Specific Adaptations- Examples of evolution that keystone species have to survive in this biome.

Slide 13:

Disease- What diseases are endemic to your country? Explain the consequences.

Slide 14:

Environmental Conditions Today- Major environmental issues affection your country today. Include any positive changes.

Slide 15:

Biotechnology- What possible remedies can biotechnology provide for issues in your country?

Slide 16:

Themes of Biology- Give an example of the six themes of biology in your country.

History of your Country Slide 17-18:

Major Religions- What are the most important religions practiced in your country?

Slide 19-20:

Current Government System- What form of government does your country have today?

Slide 21:

Imperialism- Who has historically conquered the country?

Slide 22:

Revolutionary Movements- What attempts at revolution have occurred in your country?

Slide 23:

Industrial Revolution- Is your country industrialized or a victim of the industrial revolution?

Slide 24:

Nationalism in your country: How has/ nationalism been expressed in your country?

Slide 25-26:

Current Issues in your county: What major issues affect your country today?

Slide 27:

Further research: Any additional information you find interesting.

Slide 28:

Works cited/ Bibliography Keystone species: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keystone_species Population pyramid: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_pyramid