Essay Topics - C&F Porter Novelli Nigeria

In 500 words or less please tell us why you are interested in pursuing a career in
Public Relations and why you chose to apply to the PR Fundamentals Internship
Programme. Please make sure it is double-spaced.
Please choose a current event (within the past year) and describe its impact on
you and/or the world around you. The event, and its impact, may be local,
national or global.
Please be sure to include some background on the event either in the body of the
assignment or by attaching a newspaper article.
Give your assignment a title. Use your writing skills to describe the event itself
and the dimensions of it that have affected you and/or any number of
communities, ranging from the one in which you live to the global village. This
piece can range from 500 to 1,000 words. However, it should not exceed 1,000
words. Please make sure it is double-spaced.
Please write a 500-1,000 word personal essay that addresses the following:
Identify an individual or organization that you believe serves as a positive
example of an effective communicator. Identify and explain why certain
characteristics of the individual or organization are a positive example of
effective communication.
Please double-space the assignment.
Note: Please be sure your application and writing samples are carefully proofed
for grammatical errors and typos. Because communications is our business, we
place serious emphasis on this aspect of your application.
We appreciate your interest in C&F Porter Novelli and look forward to
receiving your materials.